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Time Warner Cable Reviews

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  • Free Dell Tablet, TW will not send

    I changed my TW service in September, 2014. At the time, TW was offering a free Dell Tablet for customers that change to a different tv package. I was told to be eligible for the Tablet that I if I kept my account active for 90 days and didn't make any changes to my account. After 90 days, I'd get a redemption code, then it’s another 4-6 weeks before I get the reward. In November, I got a notification that my account wasnt paid. I had not changed my credit card after having it stolen and replaced. I changed the AutoPay and paid my bill promptly. Then I January, I... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • new service

    I have called several times to try and add service to my location. I keep getting the transferred to another person who can never give me an answer. Last time I called they said a technician would be getting ahold of me and scheduled an appointment for JAN 22 to conduct a survey and give me a cost estimate to run the lines to my house. I just called back to confirm the appointment and the lady told me she didn't have access to those kinds of record... I'm in Northern Maine and would like a local number of a human being that I can speak to. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Time Warner Cable Internet Service

    My wife and I have had no end of problems just trying to move our service with Time Warner Cable. This all started in September of 2014 when we purchased a new construction home and wanted to move our internet service. All we needed was to have a box (they call a pedestal) installed in our front yard for their service technician to connect the cable to and run from our front yard to our house, but this is apparently easier said than done. There is cable already under ground passing through our yard and our neighbor has service, but this doesn%u2019t seem to matter. We have made over 12... More...
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    brifre1's Picture   brifre1    0 Comments   Comments
  • 6 months trying to resolve issues

    i have had the same service for 8 years, since TWC took over i have had nothing but issues. My dvr hasnt worked in 6 months and i continue to pay for it i have called multiple times and had people come out and still nothing. I am currently waiting on a technician to come out who will probably be late because they are never on time as i waste my morning AGAIN. I am ready to switch service, i just want what i pay 125.00 a month for. In the 6 months ive had problems ive only had 1 person try to compensate for the issues which was 20.00 off my bill once. Like i said my dvr hasnt worked at all... More...
    (Cable TV)
    melissagracie's Picture   melissagracie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable hanging low in backyard

    I called the first time on 22 dec 2014 and a technician came out but it was too windy to repair the cable, he said he would be back the next day....well it has still not been fixed and its 27 Dec 14. They keep informing me that the appointments can be up to 11pm at night....but it is dark outside and the problem is on the pole outside so you would think that someone would understand that the appointment should be during daylight hours. I have a dog which I have informed every rep that I have spoken to or online chatted with (Diana) and if my dog gets injured because of the low hanging... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dimplesluva's Picture   dimplesluva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rewards Scam and Poor Service

    Time Warner is the worse provider I have ever used. I was promised that I would receive a $200 gift card and a Dell tablet if I switched from Directv. Well, I did. I also registered for the items as told. However, because I lowered the internet speed, I was told I was no longer eligible for anything. No one bothered to tell me when I was lowering the speed. That was bad enough but twice I called TWC about this and the 2nd time I was told I had to call the Rewards group. I called once and was on hold over 30 minutes with no luck. I called the Rewards group the next day and they told me... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Liz123's Picture   Liz123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Dell Tablet and $300 Gift Card SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verizon offered me a free tablet to switch my internet services to them for higher speed and only a few dollars more than what Time Warner was currently charging me. I asked TWC if they had a similar promotion (via chat) and I was told that if I upgrade my internet service ($20 more a month), keep the service for 90 days (Sept. 2014) and have my account in good standing by the end of the 90 days, I will receive the Dell tablet. I was not told that I was suppose to register for a redemption code within 30 days of switching my service. I spoke to TWC and was told that I didn't have... More...
    (Cable TV)
    arealfriend's Picture   arealfriend    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not happy at all with time warner cable!!!

    On Wednesday 12/10/14 my husband called timewarner to try and figure out a package plan that will be within our price range. The person he was talking didn't seem to know what he was doing. He said the only way to lower was to disconnect our phone. Which by the way was almost $30 a month when we originally wanted the $10 phone. So timewarner was basically scamming us. I was not happy with not having my phone so I called again yesterday 12/11/14. I asked them about a package plan that was for 89.99 for all 3 services. They said they could not give me that package so I decided to... More...
    Pgonzalez88's Picture   Pgonzalez88    1 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Customer Service NOT helpful

    In July 2014 I was offered a $300 gift card for staying with TWC and signing up for HBO for a year. I was told I would receive the card in about 90days. I was NOT told I had to do anything else to receive the gift card. After 120 days I called "customer solutions" to ask about my gift card and was told I should have received an email with a redemption code. I informed the caseworker Lawrence (ID 12U) that I never got an email and had never been told I would have to respond with a redemption code. Lawrence told me he would have a code sent within 24 hours, and I would not have to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    arkrazor's Picture   arkrazor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable is very disappointing.

    I have been with TMC a few years back and I was with them for nearly four years, but I switched because I found a better deal. I have recently switched back because I have never had any issues until now. When I signed up, I was suppose to get a lab top after three months, but you couldn't be late which I knew. I recently have called cause my 3 months was up. I called about the lab top and the lady sounded unsure of what to tell me and made up a lie saying that I will receive a redemption code in the mail. I was a little concerned because she seemed a little unaware what to say, but... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Rainbow2213's Picture   Rainbow2213    2 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable AWFUL Customer Service

    I began to have trouble with my Time Warner Cable internet service last week. The service became intermittent, sometimes going out for minutes or hours at a time. I have been a customer, in my name or my parents', for over a decade now, and this happens from time to time. Usually a quick visit from a technician to tighten the lines and swap out the modem resolves the issue. I was stuck on the phone with their rep for the better part of an hour power cycling my modem, refreshing pages in my web browser, disconnecting and re-connecting the same lines over and over again even after... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dongudo's Picture   dongudo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Customer Service

    Two months ago my modem went out...they sent a technician who replaced it with an older model and messed up all of my settings. Paid a computer guy $150 to fix my set up. Received a letter telling me that they were sending a newer modem and I could set things up myself. NOT. I was on the phone for several hours trying to get someone in AMERICA to help. Finally got someone to help me set everything up. Working great. An hour later, I get a call from Time Warner asking me about my new modem. I told the guy DO NOT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE IT IS WORKING FINE. Hung up phone and my WIFI... More...
    (Cable TV)
    TurnLeftLady's Picture   TurnLeftLady    0 Comments   Comments
  • Installation

    I have stayed home 4 times waiting for someone to connect my cable! What's wrong with you guys? When instalkers do show up, the miscommunication is despicable! The installers want to charge me something different than what I was told on the phone. My installation fees have been waved but the installation department still wants to charge. Please fix it! More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Having a Nervous Breakdown

    I just want to curl up under my kitchen table and cry!!! I've been waiting over a month for Time Warner to keep their installation appointment. I have missed work, changed important plans. Its had also caused problems in my marriage! Other companies should be allowed to offer all the sports and other channels Time Warner offers. Isn't that called a monopoly? They have no regard what so ever to having good customer service! More...
    (Cable TV)
    HairFreek's Picture   HairFreek    0 Comments   Comments
  • rewards

    I signed up for services to get the dell 2-1 computer and now they are saying that I can only get a 200 rewards card. Tried to resolve through customer service and after being deceived and patronized I decided to downgrade my services and was informed that I can only save 3.00 I really don't know how that is when the package I ordered was 129.00 and I want to down grade to the 89.00 package. At that point I told the customer service rep that It seems like cancelling all together would be the best option I was told ok no problem. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • My false charges for 9/14 and 10/14

    I'm enclosing the entire chat log from today, which should explain EVERYTHING! I contacted Time Warner RIGHT after paying my bill 8/20 $223.52 Dated 10/11/2014 Last Payment $228.27 Applied on 08/20/2014 I contacted on 8/26 so as to AVOID the next billing cycle, which I DID--and asked to put my account on long term vacation hold... I was SHOCKED to see that Time Warner had charged me full price the last two cycles so I contacted them again today...to get things reversed and corrected. The following log shows how horrible your customer service is and the shift things that are... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Not correct billing

    I started Time warner in Aug. The service was not available due to it kept saying wait all the time, we called several times to get this fixed and no one ever comes. Then lately they came and said we had loose wire. now, since no one showed up we do not owe the bill, plus was charged for things we didn't have or wanted and called about that and they said go to the office so we did and it was changed. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor service

    End of August 2014, I finally threw in the towel and called Time Warner about the poor service. The inference throughout the conversation was that it was not their problem to deal with. So, considering we have not changed any equipment or our configuration, I kept track of the outages. 8/27/14 - 9:20AM - hard booted the system 8/27/14 - 10:21PM - rebooted the router 9/8/14 - 5:22AM - hard booted the system 9/12/14 - 4:57AM - hard booted the system (3 times); 1 hour and 14 minutes before it was working again 9/24/14 - 2:20AM - hard booted 9/28/14 - 6:31PM - hard booted 9/28/14 -... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Internet

    Time warner socks, I moved just down the street and also had my service moved. Months later I find out that i was being charged for a box which they had exchanged. after a number of calles I was assured everything was OK. a year later I discovered that time warner had turned it in to collections. What a bunch ASS HOLES. Not only does their service suck they re a Fucked up company , They ruined my credit and they can care less. Canceled my service with them. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    moonlite909's Picture   moonlite909    0 Comments   Comments
  • TWC Broken Promises

    Current internet customer and ordered cable/phone to my service on 10/1/14. Scheduled appointment was for 10/4/14. On 10/3/14, TWC emailed me to contact them with a 10 digit order number. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with them only to be told that they messed up my order and installation would not be available until 10/9/14. I have already invited people over on Sunday so I could host a football party. I have an email saved with the details and installation date of my order. I told them that was unacceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor only to be told there are no... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Dave91741's Picture   Dave91741    0 Comments   Comments
  • Automobile claim

    On or some time about 9/27/2014. A Time Warner truck was at our insured home to install a cable under the ground. While there the Time Warner truck struck our insured personal vehicle. Please have someone in your claims department contact State Farm Insurance Company 866-415-9020 Opt 2 Team 10. Reference our claim number 33-532B068 Our insured is George James, 4516 CASTLE HAYNE RD, CASTLE HAYNE, NC, 28429 More...
  • Terrible Customer Service

    Since the day I attempted to set up service with time warner cable I have had no good experience at all. To begin with I set up installation appointments 6 times before someone actually came out every time I called they had no record that I had set anything up. Didn't get anywhere until I called Best Buy. Then the installer set it up wrong nothing worked and I had to get another installer to come another day. Now I want to change my phone number because I get near constant calls for the person who last had the number. [There are currently 39 messages on my machine for someone else] and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    StephM's Picture   StephM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Internet speeds (and ping) ranging drastically

    I'm an avid PC gamer, most of the games I play are multiplayer and require good internet, and by extension, good ping. 50% of the time, I get around 35ms ping and 20mbps download speed, which is perfect for me and I have no problems. And the other half of the time my internet is almost unusable, http://puu.sh/bGxTT/86367c6e40.png (448ms ping & 4.55mbps download speed). I've tried everything and still cannot get my internet to be RELIABLE, and it's obviously something on TWC's part, considering it's not my router, or computer, and there is no in between the two... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    briardes's Picture   briardes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Driver Texting and Driving

    I was driving north on I-71 in Columbus, Ohio at about 11:30 am this morning (9/18) and a Time Warner van was a little ahead of me and in the lane to my right. I noticed that the van kept swerving over in my direction. This happened a couple of times. I decided to get ahead and away from the van. As I drove by I glanced at the TW driver and saw that he had his cell phone in this hand and in front of his face. Not safe at all!!! Does TW have a policy about driving and use of cell phones? If not, they should. I believe the Lic # was OH PIK5541. More...
    (Cable TV)
    cathstroup's Picture   cathstroup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service installation

    I ordered a bundle for my dad a week ago. They scheduled an installation for 5 days after the order. No body showed up. I called they said some body is coming in 2 days between 10 to 11 am to install services. Nobody showed up. I called that afternoon, they said somebody is going to come that evening but again nobody showed up. I called again they said somebody is coming in another 3 days! Each time I call, I have to hold for an hour and explain things over and over. They put me on hold for long periods of time and are rude! Last time the representative was saying they will do a favor for... More...
    (Cable TV)
    nadauaNmeeko's Picture   nadauaNmeeko    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner no picture Tv

    I have to say this is the worst company ever, i call on 8-21-2014 to report a problem i had no signal on my bedrooms they issue i service ticket for the next day, when the guy arrived he was late, but is ok things happen he took a look at the cables inside the house he then step out to take a look at the outside installation and came in to get his tools i say am not able to do this job some one else will have to came in and do this repairs in about a week from today i then ask what was the problem he look at me like if i was stupid and say some one from Time Warner Cable will call you... More...
    (Cable TV)
    npulido210's Picture   npulido210    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner wont fix their mistake in timely manner

    Time Warner accidently cutoff my telephone, cable & internet services this morning @ 7:15 am while they were working on someone else's services. Although we informed them immediately & repeatedly they didn't believe us until after 2pm and now TWC is requiring that we wait until they have a "technician available" to restore the services, which will be over 24 hours. They made the mistake, I can live with that. I make mistakes. But they won't fix it in a timely manner. How can they think it is okay to basically let the technician off the hook for messing... More...
    (Cable TV)
    understanding's Picture   understanding    0 Comments   Comments
  • Animal Abuse

    My neighbor took pictures of the TWC guy hitting my dog with a shovel! I am infuriated because I have told them repeatedly that I need to be home when they show up....Not only are my gates locked so that nobody can just walk in but they did not call me to inform me that they were on their way to my home. I waited around for them to show up and they never called. The next day my neighbor shows my dad the pictures and told my dad that the guy hid behind his truck once he noticed he was being filmed!!!! What is wrong with this picture??? More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Overcharging after downgrading

    okee we decided that after poor programming choices to drop the TV and phone service. I have the 20 mb package. Here's the rub... everyday low price of 49.99 for 20 mb turbo(as listed on website) however for us ,since we downgraded its 79 bucks. How can that be legal. How can the downgraded price be almost 40% more than everday.. i was told because we downgraded that we cannot get any special packages..so then its not everyday low price.. either way they are Lying to us and just plain penalizing us for not wanting crappy tv. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • TWC SUCKS!!!

    (Cable TV)
    24KLADY's Picture   24KLADY    0 Comments   Comments
  • TimeWarner Cable's Shady Business Tatics

    I just read a review about Time Warner Cable's shady business tactics and I agree that they are the most evil, despicable, bullying corporation I have ever dealt with. It is a shame that they have so much power. My bill is constantly increasing due to what they call late fees on services I have not yet received. When they conclude that my bill is past due they slow down my computer speed, F with my telephone, turn my picture on the television into pixels and harass me with robotic collection calls every month. Their customer service people give out conflicting answers every time I ask... More...
    (Cable TV)

    Im so dis pointed with TWC wores customer service EVER!!!! call to get help spoke with 4 diferent people the fourth one was nasty "TREVOR" discasting person didnt care about mi problem neither care to solve it, I deal with customer service for the last 25yrs for a HUGE corporate company & I cant beleive there is people who dont care at all to do their jo what they are been paying to do!! thank God last time I called spoke with LASHON she was so nice & helped me fix my problem finally some one care after spending 2 days & 2hrs on the phone. Trevor he even cancel my appt... More...
    (Cable TV)
    moorpark's Picture   moorpark    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Internet - Horrible Customer Service

    I recently just ordered home internet and phone service through your online process and had zero problem with that. My problem started when I chose to ask a question to one of your online staff members with the screen name "Maolemar". All I asked (and I had the transcript emailed to me) was "Do I need to wait to pick the equipment up or could I go and get it now?" I was then asked to provide my order confirmation number and my security PIN in which I happily provided. He then gave me a rundown of the services that I had ordered and I said that was correct. He then asked... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    jcaughlin's Picture   jcaughlin    1 Comments   Comments
  • Partial Reward Card

    When I register for TV + Internet service, was offered for $300 reward card. I have taken screenshot of the offer and also the customer service representative confirmed multiple times that they see the notes on account saying that the 'Customer is eligible for 300$ reward'.on 7/17/2014, I received a redemption code (Q1E1V6WL8) with expiration date 8/3/2014 which leads $100 reward card. I have called the time warner cable customer service dept couple to times but no one could take action while they all agree about the $300 reward More...
    (Cable TV)
  • TWC . Very bad customer service...

    Time warner cable customer service is very basic. I called because my internet stopped working. First, I was told that the problem was related to my Motorola modem. I tried to exchange it; so I went to the nearest TWC location . It turns out that location doesn't exist in reality. The adress was never updated I guess so more people are going to suffer. Called again then was told that there is an outage in my area . I spoke to level 3 manager and he told me that teams were dispatched and working around the clock to solve to problem. He was laying to me period . A TWC van was parked... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Alias25's Picture   Alias25    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With

    I had five different technicians that didn't show up or call. I was promised a price lock for year. Which turned into a lie. I have called customer service several times. Been treated rudely on all occasions but two. I have even been cursed at by representatives. I've been called ignorant. I was also promised a $300.00 reward card which never happened. These folks need to realize that if it wasn't for customers they would be without a job. Which many should be. I'm 52 years old and never been treated so rudely by a company. If it wasn't for a man named Zach I would... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bombshell1's Picture   Bombshell1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Doubling bill for less service

    So I recently moved. I told them I was moving and tried to cancel/move services in a timely manner. The first rep said technicians would be out on Wed., Thurs., or Fri. at the latest. So, Friday came and I still had no service. I called again to see what was going wrong and, I thought they had straightened it out. I was told that these services are prorated, so I would not pay for the time when I did not have service. A total of two weeks passed without basic cable, and their "standard" wired internet, which is half of a billing cycle, which in turn is half of a bill. I did... More...
    (Cable TV)
    huntnificent's Picture   huntnificent    0 Comments   Comments

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Time Warner Cable Comments

hingham says: (9 months ago)
I think your customer service sucks, unless I can get someone that works in the United States. I called 4/18 because I had a problem signing on my pc. I called TWC phone 12 times in 2 hours, didn't work, so I chatted. The 1st chat said they couldn't help and to call Microsoft/Windows, they wanted $149 to try to fix the problem. I chatted back with yet another person, I told her that TWC's phones not working. I told her my problem with my internet she said she couldn't help. After I calmed down in 20 min. I said I would do a system restore, voila within 1/2 hour working great. Now here is the stupid part, US citizens need the work, why does TWC as well as many other companies hire people from Phillipines or India to help people 5000 miles away. When I told her the TWC phones were out, she kept saying I will set up a service call, I asked for what, she said your phone, I said NO NO NO it isn't my phone it is TWC's phone was not working. Well guess what Easter Sunday the technician came to my home. I was so embarrassed. Why didn't someone tell me 5 hours sooner to do a system restore? Why do we push prompt 1 for English when they can't speak it. I am a customer in Maine, we aren't on another planet. HIRE AMERICANS

Wilhemena9 says: (1 year ago)
Dear. Time Warner Cable, Inc
I hope you got my internet going now I have it now & my.
Luck is to used my internet for case I shopped on line for.
Men's fashions liked men's bell bottom jeans, 70's platform
shoes. & rock tee shirts. & I have internet to shop on line. For my business & I Liked time warner cable for.
My TV when I watch I want to watch & for my good time.
And I liked to watch older animation shows from the 70's 80's & 90's sometimes the 2000's not the 2010's.
And I switched to time warner cable. That's better for awhile & thank you. Signed nathanielharris330@yahoo.com

MrKleanso says: (1 year ago)
Time Warner Cable mailed me a coupon for a free OnDemand movie. It was allegedly a 'thank you' for putting up with some shoddy service for a week, or so. We followed the instructions on the coupon, ordered the movie, went online to our account and entered the coupon code to redeem for credit. One billing cycle came and went. No statement credit. Two billing cycles came and went. Still no statement credit. I contacted Time Warner to inquire about the free-movie credit status. They couldn't find a record of it on our account. When I started to get annoyed with the customer service rep, she credited my account $5.99 against a $6.99 movie (Ain't Them Bodies Saints). If you're going to give a free credit, Time Warner Cable, give the free credit. Don't make the customer spend half an hour chasing it down. I'm wondering if this is occurring on a broader scale: Are there other Time Warner Cable customers who had a similar experience? And, if so, isn't this tantamount to fraud -- misleading a customer to order a movie under the premise that the order will be 'free,' then -- for whatever reason, intentional or otherwise -- not honoring the free credit unless the customer comes looking for it? If it's happening on a mass scale this is something that the FCC should look into.

Daywalker says: (1 year ago)
Time Warner Cable does not care about anyone,but their bottom line.Without any notice the cable went off at 1:33 am with the message if you want your cable back order your digital box today. When they were feuding with CBS there was an information tape running every few minutes, that is because CBS was instructing people to change cable companies. The cable companies will never submit to the complaint of one person,but maybe it is time to send T.W.C a message. Boycott Time Warner Cable! ask yourself, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF NO CONSIDERATION BY A LARGE COMPANY? If you have BOYCOTT NOW!

Tia23 says: (1 year ago)
Give up on Time Warner cable. They are impossible to deal with. Sign up for Direct TV. Use my acct number for a discount. #081779321. Great product. Great price. Great customer service.

gabriela68 says: (1 year ago)
I am very very frustrated with you time warner! I can't believe its taking this long to resolve this matter The stupid stars CH is so annoying OLD movies It sucks I think I'm about to disconnect from the worst cable service ever You guys SUCK for doing this to your customers & think that by providing us with that stars CH its fine for us WELL ITS NOT!!!! We deserve to be able to watch WHAT WE PAY FOR!!!!!!

jding01 says: (2 years ago)
I don't even know how to express my frustration toward TWC. I subscribed their phone service last Nov. Due to some technical issues from TWC, they could not port my old number, so they assigned me a new number. Then I received tons of calls that are not for us. We went to some stores even doctor offices, we found we could not update the phone number because someone else still owned the number. TWC recycles the number so quick (couple of months). I called TWC customer service to ask the explanation, but they first asked me to pay $40 for changing the number (of course I refused to do so and I cannot change the number again), and then TWC just disabled my phone service. I don't get call, but I cannot use the phone service anymore! I cannot believe it.

Called them, they just tried to get a service appointment with me and tried to compensate me one day for no service! No apology, no any resolution, no explanation, but arrogant. Tried to call their managers, certainly you have to talk to a voice record, and I don't think anyone will listen to it.

I said, I need their managers to look at their phone number recycle policy, and write me a letter to explain their poor service. Of course, they will not do it. No I really want to know how do they resolute customer problems?

alc927 says: (2 years ago)
We live in Terre Haute, Indiana. Time Warner is the lousiest internet service around here. I am a student and I have work to do online, but Can't depend on Time Warner's service! It doesnt matter if it is raining or Not all of the sudden we lose service! There Has to be a better internet provider than they are (attempting) to provide! :(

pennybeale says: (2 years ago)

eugien says: (3 years ago)
Time Warner Cable. Has been literally raping my wife's checking account for a month, 6x now they have tried to pay by electronic check for the account. The account has been closed for a month now. But they are still trying to collect funds from the account that does not even belong to myself and the account is paid and closed? anyone else having this kind of issues?

d112433 says: (3 years ago)
Time Warner Cable service is terrible. The cost is extremely high for the services delivered. Customer Service lies and the technicians are rude. The technician did not complete my request and the Customer Service representative denied completing the work order requested. This service is so terrible until it makes me sick.

tcbennett1 says: (3 years ago)
I have disconnected from Time Warner and think it was the smartest move I have done lately. I decided against a transer move to my new home because of the high monthly cable bill that the service rep did not want to try and lower. when I turned my equipment in I found out that they were still billing me even though I told the rep to stop on a certain day. Well she did not inform me that they would keep billing until the equipment was turned in and now they are not going to give me credit for that time period. I even used to work for this company a few years back and that is not how you do your loyal customers. I guess this is a lessoned well learned.

maxii says: (3 years ago)
I have been with TWC since 2005,and have found this company to be the poorest in service and customer help!! I called 3 days ago to find out when my date was due because my check had posted to my account late and didnt want any interruptions(especially with the $4.99 connection fee)so I speak to a young lady who offers me 48hr extension to pay the bill,so imagine my surprise when I come home I find my cable off! So I call them and explain what as happened! I am cursed out by some woman in collections,who tells me im a liar that no one agreed to that,even though she sees notes on my account about paying it 48hrs past my due date,she then goes on to tell me that if I call again and ask for an extension I will be told no!!!! She then went on to repremand me,and I was unable to reply to her bad behavior due to the fact that I was at work on my lunch break.I did say to her whilst she was telling me off that I really need to make a part payment and go because I do have a job,she then continued to read off a piece of papers some rules and policies that I shud abide by,then she put me on hold for 20 mins before taking my payment,she also let me know that even though I had called to make sure I had no interruption,but my cable was still cut off,she would be charging me the $4.99 connection fee!!
So the next day before I went to work I decided to call and speak to a supervisor about this WOMAN,a man answered the call but sounded like he was still asleep and didnt speak very good english,so I asked him to put me through to a supervisor.He put me on hold for 20 mins then PRETENDED to be a supervisor! I said can i speak to a supervisor,not you,he said I am a supervisor,so I hung and called again!
This time I spoke to a supervisor,she asked me what the problem was,I began to explain to her that I had called earlier and felt that the way I treated was completely unprofessional,before I could explain what my problem was,she began to tell em about an greement I made with TWC and she cant change agreements!
I had mentioned nothing about any agreement,she just jumped on board some TWC train going NO WHERE!!
So I had to ask her to put me through to someone else!
The next person I spoke to just humored me,so I have decide enough is enough!
This is my most expensive bill I pay out each month and everything about the service is crap! They say you get what you pay for,I dont think so!

Con ed is lower and they dont cut you off 5 days past due,and I need lights and gas to survive,not TV!!
They act like there doing me a favor allowing me to spend $140 a month on entertainment,and in all the time Ive been with them,ive never got anything back,other than an atittude! Today I will call other companies and start a fresh,because I swear every time I call them,they completely mess up my day with there crap and lack of customer care training! I will be the 8th person I know this year to kiss goodbye to the over priced BS!
Well done TWC you ahve lost a customer you had for 7 years and you will continue to lose more!!

irisgu says: (3 years ago)
The first time I was offered cable I paid the amount that I was told and a tech. came out and stated that I needed a new line because there was no cable line and so another tech. came out and another tech needed to come out because a new cable needed to be put at the outside of the building because no cable line where there. Well another tech came out and he check and stated that he did not know why the other tech could not put on the cable since there was a line and it only took this tech. maybe 15 mins. to do so. Now I move to another apartment and I gave them the new address but the day before I move I had to change the address because the apartment that I move into had had a fire and they gave the apartment to the persons in the fire and so I spoke to a person in the TWC and gave them my new address the day before they where to come out. The day they came out to connect my cable I stop the cable guy and ask him, what apartment are yu going to and he stated the old address, but with my last name on it in which I explain again the issue that had happen. The tech. call it in and I tought that the issue had been taken care of but would yu know that the tech stated that there was a problem with the line and someone else would need to come out, to make the story short I have had three tech come out with the same old address and the same old story and I still do not have cable this started on the 6th of December and now I have to wait until the 23 of December and maybe I will get my cable put on. Does anyone know of another cable company that we could get service from? I mean good service.

ps3rules360suxs says: (4 years ago)
time warner is a complete rip off and made to piss people off 1 month in advance and they keep charging you the same amount every month so as of right now i should have about 22 free months don't go with time warner the ripp off of a cable company

chall534 says: (5 years ago)
twc are a joke, i hate them and will change to another service. twc was voted second worst company for customer service.THE PRICES JUST KEEP GOING UP. maybe us old customers are paying for the new bundles they keep advertising on tv.its time that twc gave the old customers a break.

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