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Time Warner Cable Reviews

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  • Time Warner internet and customer service is terrible!!!

    Well, we moved into a big old house in the historical district of town and had our Time Warner service transferred first of all the technician who came to install our services said he would be back the following day to fix what he called a horrible mess of the wiring. It's been a year and that never happened. Our cable hasn't worked properly since we moved in. We're pretty much used to that but about two months ago we started having horrible issues with our internet. After two and a half months of phone calls, technicians coming out and sing our own detective work we are... More...
    (Cable TV)
    swtgrlspurfan's Picture   swtgrlspurfan    0 Comments   Comments
  • exposed cable

    My next door neighbors moved into their home a month ago and ordered time warner cable. a cable was strung from their back yard all the way across my front yard to the cable box which sits in my front yard. To date they have not buried the cable. This is a hazard to say the least. AM very upset. Have called the city about this issue and nothing they can. Have resorted to an attorney now to file suit against Time Warner Cable. Have pictures and have made multiple phone calls with no resolution. I am responsible if anyone gets hurt on my property such as children running across my... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Twc

    Pole fell down during ice storm that carried my cable across the street - it took numberous phone calls to make them understand that once power was restored in my neighboorhood that I would not have service - contract service came out and hooked up temporary cable to side of my house, around my neighbor's tree to acrosss the street - they tied into an old cable line and did not check to make sure I had service - it again took numberous phone calls to have this temporary cable corrected - Time Warner in the process of putting cable line underground across the road - the cable line has... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Shady Business

    First let me say there is always an issue with my TWC service. Phone cutting off in the middle of a call for no reason, every other day I have to re-start my router, because my internet says "not connected to a network" or a pixelating television screen. But I notice when my bill is due, "all of a sudden" besides the obnoxious calls every 20 minutes, and 30 automated messages on my home phone daily, right in the middle of me watching a program, that particular channel freezes and goes black, or it starts pixelating. I know it's an inside job from TWC, as I am a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Diamond12's Picture   Diamond12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissappointed

    I have not had internet since last Thursday when a technician was on the poles outside for something unrelated to our address, and somehow we had our internet disconnected.As a loyal customer for the past nine years, I would expect better service than b the run around I have gotten for the past 5 days in them constantly pushing our service schedule to another day and not even calling to let us know that.I have always paid the bill on on time, and really am starting to take their lack of professionalism to heart and personally.Now it is raining and icy outside again, and Monday, again, they... More...
    (Cable TV)
    whitefamily's Picture   whitefamily    0 Comments   Comments
  • time warner outside cable box malfunction

    There is a cable connection box on the outside of my apartment building that has a steel door that blows in the wind slamming against the building and its extremely loud making it difficult to have peace and quiet and SLEEP. I have called Time warner several times and so have my neighbors and the apartment management and we've all been told it will be taken care of and today the door stands open waiting on the next gust of wind. A technician was working in the box today and he left it open, thebozx needs a latch or a lock, it seems like a simple fix....,,,SO FIX IT! More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Rude risk management reps holly and jeramy

    I had set up new services for address my father lived at before he went ti jail. My father had services there before and did pay his bill. I live here now and wanted to just net and i call in to the twc hotline and order services for this address no issues with rep on the phone. So when it came time to go pick up my router and pay me first fee at the local office they said i had to pay my dads bill to get service in my name. So i call back to twc hotline and get a rep. They send me to risk management where i talk to holly she was very rude and stand offish towards me. Sobi ask to speak a... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Ice Storm with a tree on your line.

    I am very seriously finding another service due to some shoddy treatment by your technical repair staff. On Tuesday, 3/12 I had a work order that was not completed. For an all-day but they did not show up. So I am going thru this for a 2nd day and it is nearing 5PM and no idea if they will even make it out. Aside from not getting a tree limb which is on your line, no one is accountable. I was pleased with BrightHouse in Tampa and yet here, there seems to be a disconnect (Burlington, NC.). I do not like hearing what they can do but what they will do. Just got my power... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MetLarry's Picture   MetLarry    0 Comments   Comments
  • TWC Service Worthless

    Your service has been pitiful since switching to digital. The cable TV service is miserable as is the telephone service. The only good service you provide is Road Runner internet. You continue to raise your rates, though. As I have stated before, they are extortion fees. Do not waste my time sending technicians. You did that with my last complaint, and the service has only gotten worse. Improve your service, or lower your fees to match the CRAPPY service you stick your customers with. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Time Warner cable to pricey & rude

    I have had TWC for 4 years, and not once was anyone ever rude, so I really didn't mind paying the extra price . However, last time I called TWC I called to see if their was anyway I could get my Internet bill down. It's $60 a month for just plain Internet. The woman informed me very Bluntly that "we do not haw contracts" after I had asked about the 35.99 a month for 12 months. I was really surprised at the way I was treated. My sister has dish, and pays $60 for all 3 services. AT&T do not service here . I think TWC will eventually go under because they can't... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Howellk's Picture   Howellk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissatisfied Costumer

    The service is very bad. Costumer help is very bad. As a whole everything is bad. I am stuck paying a very high price for standard internet, while with that same price I could be paying for the next level of internet, turbo internet, and if I want to add that I would have to pay 10$ more. Well that is just ridiculous. Every year I have to pay more and more, if it wasn't that there are very few competition with your business I would of have quit a long time ago. But new businesses are coming and I have been hearing of new internet companies either coming or expanding in the near... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    FajardoLu's Picture   FajardoLu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service problems

    Good evening, I set up a reconnect with time warner yesterday and was given todays date (3/08/2014) for install and was told to make sure someone was home all day. So I took off work missing out on $300 for the day to get this taken care of . When no one had shown up by 4:30pm I called and was told that they were sorry but the person that set up the install did it wrong and the soonest someone could be here is Monday (3/10/2014). When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that there was nothing a supervisor can do and it would not do me any good. after asking 2 more time and being on... More...
    (Cable TV)
    swethington's Picture   swethington    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst cable/internet company on that planet

    This is the worst company possible for cable/internet. It took 4 technician visits just to activate my services. This was after I picked up my own equipment. They were 'unable to locate the switch' to turn on my cable outside. They mentioned that maps existed but "no one used them" and came several times unprepared. I spent hours sitting around my house each time waiting for them to complete this work- three times, unsuccessfully. I was not kept up to date on anything going on, I was told the job was completed when I called, and then they admitted that the services had... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Time Warner Cable Assessment Fee

    I have been a loyal paying customer at Verizon Fios for years. I like my FIOS because of the great high speed internet I get. I am moving to a new area and I found out that Fios wasn't there yet. The only competition that Fios has in my area is Time Warner Cable. I called Time Warner Cable to get high-speed internet with a high definition cable package. They told me that they would have to do a credit check which surprised me but I said ok, fine. THEN they told me that there would be a $50 non-refundable fee (called an assessment fee). This wouldn't be refunded even in the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    seabass2681's Picture   seabass2681    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable sent me a refund check put it in the bank and it BOUNCED

    TWC sent me a refund check for $62.50. I thought it odd because I canceled my service with them 1.5 years ago. Figured it probably took them that long to figure out they owed me money. I pulled out an old bill to make sure it was actually for my old account and it was. I put the check in the bank, and it bounced. Not only that, I got hit for $12.50 returned check fee. I mean, REALLY, TWC, not only do you have the absolute worst customer service on the planet, but you also bounce checks. You could have called me and said the check was sent in error. I'd have happily returned... More...
    (Cable TV)
    icomplain's Picture   icomplain    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad drivers

    I was traveling in the passing lane, and attempted a lane change, signaled, and the van was in my blind spot, hanging on the right. He got angry blew the horn repeatedly, and tail gated me for about 1/2 mile to a restaurant where I intended a confrontation. He just went around me, flipping me off with the middle finger, again blowing his horn. I cannot get number to call. His van was 692E4, Utica NY More...
    (Cable TV)
    mikehunt24's Picture   mikehunt24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Repeated broken equipment & poor customer service

    I called TWC to schedule an appointment to have my box replaced due to the box malfunctioning. It wasn't recording shows that were scheduled to record, the picture was getting distorted frequently, and some of the shows would record, but not play back at all. I had a technician at my house on Saturday 2/15/14, a very nice and helpful gentleman. While he was here he had to replace my box and then he had to bring in a second replacement because the 1st one wasn't functioning correctly. He stated that all of their equipment is refurbished, and I stated that it's clear that they... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Kernuna's Picture   Kernuna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Being charged for equipment we returned

    We canceled our TWC account in January 2014 and were told we had a cable box issued in 2009 still outstanding. We had downgraded to broadcast cable in August 2010 and a technician came, took away the cable box and plugged the tv directly into the wall. They say i have to prove that with a receipt and otherwise must pay $175. I have called 3x and spent over an hour each time explaining, always they give a promise to call back. Next time I call, that ticket has been closed and the appeal denied. So I went to the local office and they submitted another appeal. Meanwhile, they have already... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • your internet sucks.

    Dear Time Warner Cable, can you please allow another company like Google Fiber, or FiOS, lay lines around my house so i can drop your service. Im tired of all your reasons why my internet keeps dropping. We have had countless technicians out here, and every time they have a different excuse. One even said that 2 people cant play an online game at the same time without lagging, last time i checked, its not the 90s anymore. We have had all the wires looked at and replaced, same with the boxes. And have upgraded to the top package under your recomandations, and it hasnt done anything. The... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Stefan1111's Picture   Stefan1111    0 Comments   Comments
  • How my driving complaint.

    Hello, On my way to work this morning (2/7/2014 at 8:45 am) driving down Glenwood ave in Raleigh, Nc, I noticed in my rear view mirror a Time Warner cable truck riding very close to my car.We drove this way for 3 miles until he finally got over in the other lane and did the same to another car before getting back in my lane and cutting off a couple cars ahead of me, causing us all to stop on breaks.I was not able to get the 1800 phone number on the back of the truck but I was for sure able to get his personal truck # 254. There is no way this guy should be driving this reckless in non... More...
    (Cable TV)
    tycal2010's Picture   tycal2010    0 Comments   Comments
  • Chat Lied To Me

    I went on Time Warner chat and got an agreement date to pay my overdue bill for my internet and phone and they shut my internet off after getting this agreement. They said that chat could not extend my date that far and they would not honor our agreement. Customer service said that chat had the same authority as they did but this chat rep could not extend my service due date that far. Very upsetting. They conveniently lost my chat and said even if they did find it that it would not change anything. More...
  • Time Warner Cable poor quality

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. As a subscriber to TWC, I am extremely disappointed in the picture quality. We have had, in the past, several complaints about the line going down. They have come out and temporarily fixed the issue but every time we get a big wind, service goes out again. For the past month, the picture and sound quality has been poor to non-existent on several of the channels I watch. Although I'm paying over $70/month for a basic package, they offered a paltry $30 credit to my account with an offer to have their service person come out next week. I can get comparable if not better quality... More...
    (Cable TV)
    KatD's Picture   KatD    0 Comments   Comments
  • technicians lying

    I paid for my service to be connected and was told a it would be connected the following day.... i waited and decided to call, first they said it was already connected and was disconnected. Called again and they said the technician could not access the pole (a big lie because there is no gate to access the pole) i was left holding for ever and was told there was noone available to come. I hate time warner cable...this has happened before....and they don't care about the customer. Now is christmas eve ànd tw doesn't give a f**ck if i have cable or not, regardless that i... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Biggest Run Around/unknowledgable Customer Service

    I have had TWC for over 3 years and every time I have to call them, it is always a painful experience. In the past was due to the rude and condescending representatives I spoke with. I have avoided having to call of late but we got this promotion in the mail that required a phone call. This was the deal with a upgrade in service they would send out a tablet. So 5 calls later a trip to the TWC office, all I got at every turn was, what seems to be the problem. After all these calls I don't understand how thery have been no notes on my account to show why I have been calling. No one... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cugzniki's Picture   cugzniki    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time warner SUCKS

    I called to add a service was not given the hours I needed, rearranged my schedule at work confirmed the appt, and the idiot tech rescheduled my appt. because I didn't pick up the second phone call, called and asked to speak to a supervisor who was VERY incompetent making false promises no one EVER called me back or did anything to help! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jac2026's Picture   Jac2026    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable Card

    I have purchase my own DVR and obtain a cable card from Time Warner. When I try to hook up the DVR I am transferred to Buffalo New York who refuses to pair my purchase DVR with their cable card even though the DVR that I purchased is exactly the same as the ones that Time Warner uses in Fremont NE. They say, they will not pair it because it might be stolen. I had the seller on the line with me who indicated that I purchase the DVR. I told the local office I purchased DVR and needed to rent the cable card which they gave me with a tuner. I contacted the FCC and they said this needed to... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • email

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. I tried to contact TWC several times through you website, I downloaded the Java etc. and still my message did not go through due to some "error.." How disgraceful that your own website frustrates your customers. My problem: MyTWC email accounts are constantly off line. I have called numerous times to get this fixed and the answers I get is "there might be an outage” or it’s your computer or I am transferred to another customer service person to start all over again. This happens because TWC customer service reps are so poorly trained they can't solve a... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Probable Dishonest Billing Practices

    Time Warner might be having dishonest practice, trying to cheat customers when they close their accounts by pretending to be innocent about having a later disconnection date than what it was supposed to be. I returned the modem at TW store on Oct 11 and confirmed that my account was closed. I did not make the full payment for Oct since it's going to be for only 11 days. I was waiting for the final bill, which miraculously did not come. On beginning of Nov, I received two letters from collection agencies about my delinquent payment. I was concerned and called Time Warner and paid... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Kien's Picture   Kien    1 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable wont come get there shit

    my family signed up for the intelligent home a month ago and were given what we thought was a reasonable price however when our bill came it was twice what they calmed. to top it of we have been calling them for a week now to come take down all there censers so we can get our $200 back. this is now the forth time we have scheduled for them to come and each time they never show up or even call for that matter. when they came to install the stuff they arrived on time, hovever when we want it removed they are nowhere to find i am starting to think that it is intentional and if i have to get... More...
    (Cable TV)
    okami1504's Picture   okami1504    0 Comments   Comments
  • Failure to Proactively Honor Free OnDemand Movie Coupon

    Time Warner Cable mailed me a coupon for a free OnDemand movie. It was allegedly a 'thank you' for putting up with some shoddy service for a week, or so. We followed the instructions on the coupon, ordered the movie, went online to our account and entered the coupon code to redeem for credit. One billing cycle came and went. No statement credit. Two billing cycles came and went. Still no statement credit. I contacted Time Warner to inquire about the free-movie credit status. They couldn't find a record of it on our account. When I started to get annoyed with the customer... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MrKleanso's Picture   MrKleanso    0 Comments   Comments
  • cancelled service, still being billed

    We cancelled our three in one service with Time Warner cable on August 31, 2013 and turned in the equipment. We switched our internet to Earthlink which we found out is owned by Time Warner. We have repeatedly called and sent in more than enough to cover the earthlink bill and are receiving collection calls on all services. We were told it was taken of care and have received two more collection calls for all services, if anything we should have a credit. I was again shuffled around to three more people this morning. Please help. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Accidental overpayment

    I accidently entered the wrong amount in my bill pay to pay Time Warner. When I called to talk to them about getting a refund I was told it would take 24 hours to process then I would have my check with 5-7 business day! I thought that was an excessly long to have to wait but ok, it was my fault. On day 7 still no check. I called again and was told that the refund was not approved by the "banking center" until 1 week later and it would be another 7 days before I would get my refund. They have no problem keeping your money! Be careful and don't over pay - we will see if... More...
    (Cable TV)
    madclient's Picture   madclient    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charging for equipment that I don't have

    I have been going back and forth with Time Warner for at least 2 years regarding boxes that they say I have, yet they have been turned in. I had techs come to my house and exchange two faulty boxes and apparently they did not record that they had been returned. Most recently I returned a modem at the Palm Desert office and was told 2 weeks later that the modem was not returned. Thank goodness they found the modem so that is off my bill but the 2 boxes remain. More...
    wendyjonathan's Picture   wendyjonathan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Time warner cable

    Your rude employee who was working at 8301 Belclaire Lane, Austin TX. 78748. I live at 509 Mairo Street 78748, where TWC has a main connection box in my backyard and know how TWC has the right to enter my backyard any time needed. But today your employee Ms. Avry Hill from the Stassney and South 1st Street office, was a bit rude about even being in my backyard. I opened my back door to go and water my plants and my dogs immediately went toward her direction and barked like crazy. Had I not heard her yell at my dogs to back off and me ask what she was doing, I'd of never known someone... More...

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Time Warner Cable Comments

Wilhemena9 says: (5 months ago)
Dear. Time Warner Cable, Inc
I hope you got my internet going now I have it now & my.
Luck is to used my internet for case I shopped on line for.
Men's fashions liked men's bell bottom jeans, 70's platform
shoes. & rock tee shirts. & I have internet to shop on line. For my business & I Liked time warner cable for.
My TV when I watch I want to watch & for my good time.
And I liked to watch older animation shows from the 70's 80's & 90's sometimes the 2000's not the 2010's.
And I switched to time warner cable. That's better for awhile & thank you. Signed nathanielharris330@yahoo.com

MrKleanso says: (6 months ago)
Time Warner Cable mailed me a coupon for a free OnDemand movie. It was allegedly a 'thank you' for putting up with some shoddy service for a week, or so. We followed the instructions on the coupon, ordered the movie, went online to our account and entered the coupon code to redeem for credit. One billing cycle came and went. No statement credit. Two billing cycles came and went. Still no statement credit. I contacted Time Warner to inquire about the free-movie credit status. They couldn't find a record of it on our account. When I started to get annoyed with the customer service rep, she credited my account $5.99 against a $6.99 movie (Ain't Them Bodies Saints). If you're going to give a free credit, Time Warner Cable, give the free credit. Don't make the customer spend half an hour chasing it down. I'm wondering if this is occurring on a broader scale: Are there other Time Warner Cable customers who had a similar experience? And, if so, isn't this tantamount to fraud -- misleading a customer to order a movie under the premise that the order will be 'free,' then -- for whatever reason, intentional or otherwise -- not honoring the free credit unless the customer comes looking for it? If it's happening on a mass scale this is something that the FCC should look into.

Daywalker says: (7 months ago)
Time Warner Cable does not care about anyone,but their bottom line.Without any notice the cable went off at 1:33 am with the message if you want your cable back order your digital box today. When they were feuding with CBS there was an information tape running every few minutes, that is because CBS was instructing people to change cable companies. The cable companies will never submit to the complaint of one person,but maybe it is time to send T.W.C a message. Boycott Time Warner Cable! ask yourself, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF NO CONSIDERATION BY A LARGE COMPANY? If you have BOYCOTT NOW!

Tia23 says: (7 months ago)
Give up on Time Warner cable. They are impossible to deal with. Sign up for Direct TV. Use my acct number for a discount. #081779321. Great product. Great price. Great customer service.

gabriela68 says: (8 months ago)
I am very very frustrated with you time warner! I can't believe its taking this long to resolve this matter The stupid stars CH is so annoying OLD movies It sucks I think I'm about to disconnect from the worst cable service ever You guys SUCK for doing this to your customers & think that by providing us with that stars CH its fine for us WELL ITS NOT!!!! We deserve to be able to watch WHAT WE PAY FOR!!!!!!

jding01 says: (1 year ago)
I don't even know how to express my frustration toward TWC. I subscribed their phone service last Nov. Due to some technical issues from TWC, they could not port my old number, so they assigned me a new number. Then I received tons of calls that are not for us. We went to some stores even doctor offices, we found we could not update the phone number because someone else still owned the number. TWC recycles the number so quick (couple of months). I called TWC customer service to ask the explanation, but they first asked me to pay $40 for changing the number (of course I refused to do so and I cannot change the number again), and then TWC just disabled my phone service. I don't get call, but I cannot use the phone service anymore! I cannot believe it.

Called them, they just tried to get a service appointment with me and tried to compensate me one day for no service! No apology, no any resolution, no explanation, but arrogant. Tried to call their managers, certainly you have to talk to a voice record, and I don't think anyone will listen to it.

I said, I need their managers to look at their phone number recycle policy, and write me a letter to explain their poor service. Of course, they will not do it. No I really want to know how do they resolute customer problems?

alc927 says: (2 years ago)
We live in Terre Haute, Indiana. Time Warner is the lousiest internet service around here. I am a student and I have work to do online, but Can't depend on Time Warner's service! It doesnt matter if it is raining or Not all of the sudden we lose service! There Has to be a better internet provider than they are (attempting) to provide! :(

pennybeale says: (2 years ago)

eugien says: (2 years ago)
Time Warner Cable. Has been literally raping my wife's checking account for a month, 6x now they have tried to pay by electronic check for the account. The account has been closed for a month now. But they are still trying to collect funds from the account that does not even belong to myself and the account is paid and closed? anyone else having this kind of issues?

d112433 says: (2 years ago)
Time Warner Cable service is terrible. The cost is extremely high for the services delivered. Customer Service lies and the technicians are rude. The technician did not complete my request and the Customer Service representative denied completing the work order requested. This service is so terrible until it makes me sick.

tcbennett1 says: (2 years ago)
I have disconnected from Time Warner and think it was the smartest move I have done lately. I decided against a transer move to my new home because of the high monthly cable bill that the service rep did not want to try and lower. when I turned my equipment in I found out that they were still billing me even though I told the rep to stop on a certain day. Well she did not inform me that they would keep billing until the equipment was turned in and now they are not going to give me credit for that time period. I even used to work for this company a few years back and that is not how you do your loyal customers. I guess this is a lessoned well learned.

maxii says: (2 years ago)
I have been with TWC since 2005,and have found this company to be the poorest in service and customer help!! I called 3 days ago to find out when my date was due because my check had posted to my account late and didnt want any interruptions(especially with the $4.99 connection fee)so I speak to a young lady who offers me 48hr extension to pay the bill,so imagine my surprise when I come home I find my cable off! So I call them and explain what as happened! I am cursed out by some woman in collections,who tells me im a liar that no one agreed to that,even though she sees notes on my account about paying it 48hrs past my due date,she then goes on to tell me that if I call again and ask for an extension I will be told no!!!! She then went on to repremand me,and I was unable to reply to her bad behavior due to the fact that I was at work on my lunch break.I did say to her whilst she was telling me off that I really need to make a part payment and go because I do have a job,she then continued to read off a piece of papers some rules and policies that I shud abide by,then she put me on hold for 20 mins before taking my payment,she also let me know that even though I had called to make sure I had no interruption,but my cable was still cut off,she would be charging me the $4.99 connection fee!!
So the next day before I went to work I decided to call and speak to a supervisor about this WOMAN,a man answered the call but sounded like he was still asleep and didnt speak very good english,so I asked him to put me through to a supervisor.He put me on hold for 20 mins then PRETENDED to be a supervisor! I said can i speak to a supervisor,not you,he said I am a supervisor,so I hung and called again!
This time I spoke to a supervisor,she asked me what the problem was,I began to explain to her that I had called earlier and felt that the way I treated was completely unprofessional,before I could explain what my problem was,she began to tell em about an greement I made with TWC and she cant change agreements!
I had mentioned nothing about any agreement,she just jumped on board some TWC train going NO WHERE!!
So I had to ask her to put me through to someone else!
The next person I spoke to just humored me,so I have decide enough is enough!
This is my most expensive bill I pay out each month and everything about the service is crap! They say you get what you pay for,I dont think so!

Con ed is lower and they dont cut you off 5 days past due,and I need lights and gas to survive,not TV!!
They act like there doing me a favor allowing me to spend $140 a month on entertainment,and in all the time Ive been with them,ive never got anything back,other than an atittude! Today I will call other companies and start a fresh,because I swear every time I call them,they completely mess up my day with there crap and lack of customer care training! I will be the 8th person I know this year to kiss goodbye to the over priced BS!
Well done TWC you ahve lost a customer you had for 7 years and you will continue to lose more!!

irisgu says: (2 years ago)
The first time I was offered cable I paid the amount that I was told and a tech. came out and stated that I needed a new line because there was no cable line and so another tech. came out and another tech needed to come out because a new cable needed to be put at the outside of the building because no cable line where there. Well another tech came out and he check and stated that he did not know why the other tech could not put on the cable since there was a line and it only took this tech. maybe 15 mins. to do so. Now I move to another apartment and I gave them the new address but the day before I move I had to change the address because the apartment that I move into had had a fire and they gave the apartment to the persons in the fire and so I spoke to a person in the TWC and gave them my new address the day before they where to come out. The day they came out to connect my cable I stop the cable guy and ask him, what apartment are yu going to and he stated the old address, but with my last name on it in which I explain again the issue that had happen. The tech. call it in and I tought that the issue had been taken care of but would yu know that the tech stated that there was a problem with the line and someone else would need to come out, to make the story short I have had three tech come out with the same old address and the same old story and I still do not have cable this started on the 6th of December and now I have to wait until the 23 of December and maybe I will get my cable put on. Does anyone know of another cable company that we could get service from? I mean good service.

ps3rules360suxs says: (4 years ago)
time warner is a complete rip off and made to piss people off 1 month in advance and they keep charging you the same amount every month so as of right now i should have about 22 free months don't go with time warner the ripp off of a cable company

chall534 says: (5 years ago)
twc are a joke, i hate them and will change to another service. twc was voted second worst company for customer service.THE PRICES JUST KEEP GOING UP. maybe us old customers are paying for the new bundles they keep advertising on tv.its time that twc gave the old customers a break.

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