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Time Warner Cable Reviews

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  • Time Warner internet and customer service is terrible!!!

    Well, we moved into a big old house in the historical district of town and had our Time Warner service transferred first of all the technician who came to install our services said he would be back the following day to fix what he called a horrible mess of the wiring. It's been a year and that never happened. Our cable hasn't worked properly since we moved in. We're pretty much used to that but about two months ago we started having horrible issues with our internet. After two and a half months of phone calls, technicians coming out and sing our own detective work we are... More...
    (Cable TV)
    swtgrlspurfan's Picture   swtgrlspurfan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shady Business

    First let me say there is always an issue with my TWC service. Phone cutting off in the middle of a call for no reason, every other day I have to re-start my router, because my internet says "not connected to a network" or a pixelating television screen. But I notice when my bill is due, "all of a sudden" besides the obnoxious calls every 20 minutes, and 30 automated messages on my home phone daily, right in the middle of me watching a program, that particular channel freezes and goes black, or it starts pixelating. I know it's an inside job from TWC, as I am a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Diamond12's Picture   Diamond12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissappointed

    I have not had internet since last Thursday when a technician was on the poles outside for something unrelated to our address, and somehow we had our internet disconnected.As a loyal customer for the past nine years, I would expect better service than b the run around I have gotten for the past 5 days in them constantly pushing our service schedule to another day and not even calling to let us know that.I have always paid the bill on on time, and really am starting to take their lack of professionalism to heart and personally.Now it is raining and icy outside again, and Monday, again, they... More...
    (Cable TV)
    whitefamily's Picture   whitefamily    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ice Storm with a tree on your line.

    I am very seriously finding another service due to some shoddy treatment by your technical repair staff. On Tuesday, 3/12 I had a work order that was not completed. For an all-day but they did not show up. So I am going thru this for a 2nd day and it is nearing 5PM and no idea if they will even make it out. Aside from not getting a tree limb which is on your line, no one is accountable. I was pleased with BrightHouse in Tampa and yet here, there seems to be a disconnect (Burlington, NC.). I do not like hearing what they can do but what they will do. Just got my power... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MetLarry's Picture   MetLarry    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner cable to pricey & rude

    I have had TWC for 4 years, and not once was anyone ever rude, so I really didn't mind paying the extra price . However, last time I called TWC I called to see if their was anyway I could get my Internet bill down. It's $60 a month for just plain Internet. The woman informed me very Bluntly that "we do not haw contracts" after I had asked about the 35.99 a month for 12 months. I was really surprised at the way I was treated. My sister has dish, and pays $60 for all 3 services. AT&T do not service here . I think TWC will eventually go under because they can't... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Howellk's Picture   Howellk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissatisfied Costumer

    The service is very bad. Costumer help is very bad. As a whole everything is bad. I am stuck paying a very high price for standard internet, while with that same price I could be paying for the next level of internet, turbo internet, and if I want to add that I would have to pay 10$ more. Well that is just ridiculous. Every year I have to pay more and more, if it wasn't that there are very few competition with your business I would of have quit a long time ago. But new businesses are coming and I have been hearing of new internet companies either coming or expanding in the near... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    FajardoLu's Picture   FajardoLu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service problems

    Good evening, I set up a reconnect with time warner yesterday and was given todays date (3/08/2014) for install and was told to make sure someone was home all day. So I took off work missing out on $300 for the day to get this taken care of . When no one had shown up by 4:30pm I called and was told that they were sorry but the person that set up the install did it wrong and the soonest someone could be here is Monday (3/10/2014). When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that there was nothing a supervisor can do and it would not do me any good. after asking 2 more time and being on... More...
    (Cable TV)
    swethington's Picture   swethington    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Assessment Fee

    I have been a loyal paying customer at Verizon Fios for years. I like my FIOS because of the great high speed internet I get. I am moving to a new area and I found out that Fios wasn't there yet. The only competition that Fios has in my area is Time Warner Cable. I called Time Warner Cable to get high-speed internet with a high definition cable package. They told me that they would have to do a credit check which surprised me but I said ok, fine. THEN they told me that there would be a $50 non-refundable fee (called an assessment fee). This wouldn't be refunded even in the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    seabass2681's Picture   seabass2681    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable sent me a refund check put it in the bank and it BOUNCED

    TWC sent me a refund check for $62.50. I thought it odd because I canceled my service with them 1.5 years ago. Figured it probably took them that long to figure out they owed me money. I pulled out an old bill to make sure it was actually for my old account and it was. I put the check in the bank, and it bounced. Not only that, I got hit for $12.50 returned check fee. I mean, REALLY, TWC, not only do you have the absolute worst customer service on the planet, but you also bounce checks. You could have called me and said the check was sent in error. I'd have happily returned... More...
    (Cable TV)
    icomplain's Picture   icomplain    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad drivers

    I was traveling in the passing lane, and attempted a lane change, signaled, and the van was in my blind spot, hanging on the right. He got angry blew the horn repeatedly, and tail gated me for about 1/2 mile to a restaurant where I intended a confrontation. He just went around me, flipping me off with the middle finger, again blowing his horn. I cannot get number to call. His van was 692E4, Utica NY More...
    (Cable TV)
    mikehunt24's Picture   mikehunt24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Repeated broken equipment & poor customer service

    I called TWC to schedule an appointment to have my box replaced due to the box malfunctioning. It wasn't recording shows that were scheduled to record, the picture was getting distorted frequently, and some of the shows would record, but not play back at all. I had a technician at my house on Saturday 2/15/14, a very nice and helpful gentleman. While he was here he had to replace my box and then he had to bring in a second replacement because the 1st one wasn't functioning correctly. He stated that all of their equipment is refurbished, and I stated that it's clear that they... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Kernuna's Picture   Kernuna    0 Comments   Comments
  • your internet sucks.

    Dear Time Warner Cable, can you please allow another company like Google Fiber, or FiOS, lay lines around my house so i can drop your service. Im tired of all your reasons why my internet keeps dropping. We have had countless technicians out here, and every time they have a different excuse. One even said that 2 people cant play an online game at the same time without lagging, last time i checked, its not the 90s anymore. We have had all the wires looked at and replaced, same with the boxes. And have upgraded to the top package under your recomandations, and it hasnt done anything. The... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Stefan1111's Picture   Stefan1111    0 Comments   Comments
  • How my driving complaint.

    Hello, On my way to work this morning (2/7/2014 at 8:45 am) driving down Glenwood ave in Raleigh, Nc, I noticed in my rear view mirror a Time Warner cable truck riding very close to my car.We drove this way for 3 miles until he finally got over in the other lane and did the same to another car before getting back in my lane and cutting off a couple cars ahead of me, causing us all to stop on breaks.I was not able to get the 1800 phone number on the back of the truck but I was for sure able to get his personal truck # 254. There is no way this guy should be driving this reckless in non... More...
    (Cable TV)
    tycal2010's Picture   tycal2010    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable poor quality

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. As a subscriber to TWC, I am extremely disappointed in the picture quality. We have had, in the past, several complaints about the line going down. They have come out and temporarily fixed the issue but every time we get a big wind, service goes out again. For the past month, the picture and sound quality has been poor to non-existent on several of the channels I watch. Although I'm paying over $70/month for a basic package, they offered a paltry $30 credit to my account with an offer to have their service person come out next week. I can get comparable if not better quality... More...
    (Cable TV)
    KatD's Picture   KatD    0 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Run Around/unknowledgable Customer Service

    I have had TWC for over 3 years and every time I have to call them, it is always a painful experience. In the past was due to the rude and condescending representatives I spoke with. I have avoided having to call of late but we got this promotion in the mail that required a phone call. This was the deal with a upgrade in service they would send out a tablet. So 5 calls later a trip to the TWC office, all I got at every turn was, what seems to be the problem. After all these calls I don't understand how thery have been no notes on my account to show why I have been calling. No one... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cugzniki's Picture   cugzniki    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time warner SUCKS

    I called to add a service was not given the hours I needed, rearranged my schedule at work confirmed the appt, and the idiot tech rescheduled my appt. because I didn't pick up the second phone call, called and asked to speak to a supervisor who was VERY incompetent making false promises no one EVER called me back or did anything to help! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jac2026's Picture   Jac2026    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable Card

    I have purchase my own DVR and obtain a cable card from Time Warner. When I try to hook up the DVR I am transferred to Buffalo New York who refuses to pair my purchase DVR with their cable card even though the DVR that I purchased is exactly the same as the ones that Time Warner uses in Fremont NE. They say, they will not pair it because it might be stolen. I had the seller on the line with me who indicated that I purchase the DVR. I told the local office I purchased DVR and needed to rent the cable card which they gave me with a tuner. I contacted the FCC and they said this needed to... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Time Warner Cable wont come get there shit

    my family signed up for the intelligent home a month ago and were given what we thought was a reasonable price however when our bill came it was twice what they calmed. to top it of we have been calling them for a week now to come take down all there censers so we can get our $200 back. this is now the forth time we have scheduled for them to come and each time they never show up or even call for that matter. when they came to install the stuff they arrived on time, hovever when we want it removed they are nowhere to find i am starting to think that it is intentional and if i have to get... More...
    (Cable TV)
    okami1504's Picture   okami1504    0 Comments   Comments
  • Failure to Proactively Honor Free OnDemand Movie Coupon

    Time Warner Cable mailed me a coupon for a free OnDemand movie. It was allegedly a 'thank you' for putting up with some shoddy service for a week, or so. We followed the instructions on the coupon, ordered the movie, went online to our account and entered the coupon code to redeem for credit. One billing cycle came and went. No statement credit. Two billing cycles came and went. Still no statement credit. I contacted Time Warner to inquire about the free-movie credit status. They couldn't find a record of it on our account. When I started to get annoyed with the customer... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MrKleanso's Picture   MrKleanso    0 Comments   Comments
  • Accidental overpayment

    I accidently entered the wrong amount in my bill pay to pay Time Warner. When I called to talk to them about getting a refund I was told it would take 24 hours to process then I would have my check with 5-7 business day! I thought that was an excessly long to have to wait but ok, it was my fault. On day 7 still no check. I called again and was told that the refund was not approved by the "banking center" until 1 week later and it would be another 7 days before I would get my refund. They have no problem keeping your money! Be careful and don't over pay - we will see if... More...
    (Cable TV)
    madclient's Picture   madclient    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charging for equipment that I don't have

    I have been going back and forth with Time Warner for at least 2 years regarding boxes that they say I have, yet they have been turned in. I had techs come to my house and exchange two faulty boxes and apparently they did not record that they had been returned. Most recently I returned a modem at the Palm Desert office and was told 2 weeks later that the modem was not returned. Thank goodness they found the modem so that is off my bill but the 2 boxes remain. More...
    wendyjonathan's Picture   wendyjonathan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Keep an eye on your bills or TWC will be more than happy to charge extra!!!

    I frankly don't enjoy TWC's service, other than the fact that they don't require a contract, and if they try to have contracts, I don't think I'll even consider them,. I have their service for over a year and it has been nothing but trouble and a lot of time spent on the phone rather than actually enjoying their service. I understand that there are issues here and there, however the amout of issues is beyond my trouble and the amount I pay monthly. Speaking of monthly bill, I notice that if I didn't pay attention to my bill with them, they will try to charge a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    suzieq13's Picture   suzieq13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Doubled my Cable/internet Bill

    I have had Insight service for the past two years. Recently, Time Warner bought the company. I called to downgrade my services because it had become too expensive. The woman on the phone told me my bill would be $99 and some change. This was still more expensive that we wanted but it was the lowest we could get. The first bill we got reflected this change. The second bill came and the price had DOUBLED! I have talked to five different people trying to lower this bill and have been put on hold for around 3 hours to finally be told that I would have to remove even more services but the lowest... More...
    (Cable TV)
    asimpson's Picture   asimpson    1 Comments   Comments

    Ok, Time Warner, I've had about enough of you. First, the blackout, with a trite recorded message saying your customer service reps had no information that could remedy the issue. How about investing your time and money into a skilled team to field these complaints so that you could build your business through excellent customer service? What? Too logical? Can't afford it? Are BILlIONS not enough for you?? Secondly, the disappearance of Showtime for a few weeks. So, we pay an extra, what, 12.99 a month for a premium channel and you replace it with a substandard offer like Starz?... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Time Warner Cable, worst customer service, techs and set up crew

    First off we signed up at our local walmart with one of twc reps. He asked us what we needed, we told him and and then he said that he had a plan for us. It was 79 a month with internet,phone and cable. We didn't want phone at all, but he said if we did not get it twc would charge us way more a month. So we got it and scheduled our set up for thursay between 8am to 12 pm. So I take Thursday off work, wake up early and wait and wait and wait. At 11:20 pm I finally called them, the rep was very unhelpfull and said the tech would not be here until around 3pm. So I wait and wait and wait... More...
    (Cable TV)

    (Cable TV)
    MADD1213's Picture   MADD1213    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner canceled my services!

    I have had an ongoing dispute for approximately 5 months regarding billing and service interruptions. I have had four separate appointments for technicians to come out to my home to correct the service interruptions, but they still continue two to three times a week channel not working and recordings freezing.my bill is never correct I recently had a two-year contract for a set price, after 1 year my bill was increased by 45 percent.after filing a complaint I have been working with the escalations department, the billing issues were resolved for about 2 months. I have to call each month to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    grode's Picture   grode    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint Against Time Warner Cable

    I have lost ALL respect for Time Warner Cable. As if the ridiculous amount of money they charge for their services, the frozen pictures that are most annoying and the loss of CBS weren't enough I am now in a battle with them for $150 they refuse to credit to my account. I have been a subscriber for almost 20 years. Somehow during those 20 years my account number was changed - why this happened or when it happened, they cannot tell me. I unwittingly made two $75 payments to the old number. I only discovered this when they kept calling me threatening to cut my service for non-payment.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cally1030's Picture   cally1030    0 Comments   Comments
  • Automatic renewal of contracts

    Time Warner claims that we signed a two year contract when it was a "no-response" contract. Amidst the tons of advertising mail came a document that said if we did nothing we would auto-renew. There was no signature involved or required. The document got tossed as advertising or we missed it while on vacation. At any rate, the service was poor with constantSimilar to another complaint I read here with auto renewal of contracts... Time Warner claims that we signed a two year contract when it was a "no-response" contract. Amidst the tons of advertising mail came a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    wilcoshpr's Picture   wilcoshpr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent Service

    I signed up for Time Warner Cable because they offered Showtime. My Showtime has been blacked out since August 2nd due to a squabble between TWC and CBS with no end in sight. I an getting 2 inferior channels (that I don't want) in place in Showtime. I have contacted customer service 3 times via online chat. The last time I talked online to a customer service rep named Jade, she refused to respond to several of my questions. At times, she wouldn't respond at all and I had to ask if she was still there. Finally, she quit responding at all and terminated the conversation on her end.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    nancybasham's Picture   nancybasham    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertisement

    I recently purchased TV and Internet service through my current provider Timer Warner Cable. Not even a month through service and they have shut off my local KCAL 9 channel in a dispute they have with CBS. I had a variety of different cable and satellite providers to choose from when I moved last month in July but I chose Time Warner Cable because of their advertisements claiming they are the better choice of the providers because of their sports and movies. Me being a lover of the Dodgers, football, and lakers it made sense. Now I am sitting here watching a black screen that says on the... More...
    rini91350's Picture   rini91350    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner - Customer Service, Installation, etc

    Their service is totaly broken - from customer service, installation, etc. Very fast to get your money and sell you a package, but as soon you give your credicard, your nightmare starts.... Difficult to schedule a day for installation, once scheduled they never showed up, never bother to call you as well... once you contact their customer service no one can give you a precise information on when the crew would come to your house.... A disaster! I really don't understand how companies with that quality of service is still in the market!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    elis's Picture   elis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service and helpfulness non existant

    Just moved to Texas from Florida where my cable company(bright house) was a breath of fresh air... they helped save you money on bundles, they had no charges to hook you up, they always had wonderful attitudes. Then came Time Warner, I always give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, one persons opinion does not rule the roost, but in this case the fact that Time Warner customer service is horrible is an understatement and that a newcomer can feel so unwelcome by a company is outrageous. Shame on you Time Warner word of mouth complaints is a powerful thing and you have a very poor... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • paid money then locked my account

    My name is latisha cammon cleveland ohio resident On the first of july my family and I moved to a upstairs unit we called twc to set up internet because AT&T wasn't available until the 18th but siince my summer class is online I needed now , twc told me the lady before me never cancelled her phone and internet so he wil have to call her or owner of property, after speaking to the owner they called and said I had to pay 50 first month fees and I can pick up at location next day we picked it up acctivated 2 days later I called to get internet upgrade the man tell me that theres a... More...
    (Cable TV)
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