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Time Warner Cable Reviews

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  • Time Warner Cable PLEASE FIX MY BILL

    I was having issues getting my new IP phone to work and I called TIME WARNER to see what might be the issue. The lady on the line upgraded my basic internet to turbo temporarily and it began to work. She said the up grade would be an additional $14 which I agreed to. My billing had been around the $125 range before that. The next billing cycle my bill went to over $300.00. I called and after lengthy holds, disconnects and transfers I was told that they realized that the girl that added the turbo upgrade did not apply my discounts for having 3 services with them. Therefore they would have... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Ishudnbhere's Picture   Ishudnbhere    2 Comments   Comments
  • Cable TV lines moved within house

    I called and scheduled to have two lines in my house moved to a different location. On Saturday morning the first guy came very nicely dressed. Looked like he had not done any work at all that day. We told him what we wanted and he looked under our house and then went to his truck. A short time later he came back to tell us he forgot his drill and needed to reschedule. He goes back to his truck and tells his boss we were real busy and needed to leave and that we needed to reschedule. We watched out the window and saw a female friend of his drive up into our driveway and he goes out to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    scoggins's Picture   scoggins    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Customer Service/Billing

    I do not know homany times I hace contact the Corporate Office about this and they are still doing the same thing, I had my bill reduced &160, had my cabe box taken out and again the bill is $297 and they are charging me for the Mayweather fight and I did even get it but they said it would be credited and nothing had been done, I have called and asked for a Manager and was denied unless I gave up my information. CSR are rude condisending and the Payment Center CSR Keidrea was just outrageous this is who you have represent your company "NOT" so once againI wil be contacting the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • equipment not working properly for months

    We have called, spent alot of time explaining and re-explaining issue of equipment not working properly since Dec (it is now may). Support had told us new remote in the mail, never showed. Sent empty boxes for us to return equipment with no replacements. We have explained MANY times the issue of having to be in a particular position JUST TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL, it locks up in demand EVERYTIME. We are now requesting all new equipment only to get yet MORE call backs wanting to know the issue. Our bill has been paid on time EVERYTIME. We should be considered top customers! We should get SOME... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mheckel's Picture   mheckel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Repair and Billing Service

    Service in Fayetteville, NC is awful!!! A technician left me a note on the door telling me I missed my appointment AFTER I answered the phone and AFTER I waved at him to let him know that I was home. He did not bother to even tell me he was leaving. I thought he was fixing something outside. This is after 5 months of having a DVR that did not record, all while l was paying $270.00 per month for "Signature Home". The solution within this 5 month period: a broken box. a fix outside AND a box that the supervisor told me to turn off every time that I wanted to delete something.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    JeanCott's Picture   JeanCott    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Service

    I am a very unhappy customer. After being a loyal insight customer for over ten years, I have had nothing but billing problems to laggy internet with you Time Warner Cable. In the two years I have had the pleasure of dealing with your company, I have lost customers due to internet stability, and when I reached my end I contacted Cincinnati bell and tested your internet service against there speed. After reaching out one last time for your company to at least fix the internet speed or make it Competitive with your competition to keep my business. Do you know what I was told? I would have to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Hoehn's Picture   Hoehn    0 Comments   Comments

    Time Warner Cable needs to be SHUT DOWN! The are the most horrific company ever to be established on planet earth. The need to be given a negative negative. It is sad they have to harass people for a past due amount in 2013 that WAS taken care of. Oh but wait, no here in 2015 they say, TWC, that I did not take care of that bill. They want me to pay. Hell to the No! The reps are confused. They ALL tell you different scenarios about the service. Company needs to SHUT DOWN, schedule a convention, retrain, retrain, retrain. Then see if they get it right. GOOD RIDDENS TO BAD RUBBISH! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bookworm's Picture   Bookworm    0 Comments   Comments

    I am a longtime customer of TWC. I received a letter dated Feb. 12,2015 that informed me that I was nearing an end to my original promo agreement and that there would be a new offer (just a little more than my current bill) if I would stay on with them. I agreed. After only one month of being billed per the agreement TWC hiked my bill by 55.00, no services changes, no extras, nothing! I called to get things resolved and I got no explanation or solution, I even had one agent tell me it was for a bill that I did not pay from over a year ago. I have no past balances with TWC!!! I was... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ABRAXASMAN's Picture   ABRAXASMAN    0 Comments   Comments

    On 7/15/14 we moved from Irving to Denton and disconnected our TWC service. We returned the equipment to the Dallas Royal Lane Office, but had forgotten to bring the modem. We were assured that it was no problem-all we had to do was return it when we unpacked and found it. We had problems locating the modem while unpacking so I contacted TWC by phone regularly updating them on our search. After a month or so I started getting harassing calls from a collection agency. I tried to tell them the situation but they were not interested. After several of these calls I called TWC again and was told... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Lousy customer service

    I was talked into ordering a bundle with internet and all I wanted was the internet. Called to cancel and just order the $15 internet and was told that it will not stream movies and the next fastest one was $50 a month..I was told previously by a time warner employee that the basic internet is 5 mbps. My friend streams with the basic internet and has no problem with Netflix. Time Warner continues to attempt to milk customers by selling them overpriced bundles at high prices. This monopoly needs to cease. One hand does not know what the other is doing. More...
    (Cable TV)
    gking's Picture   gking    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable. Never received my refund

    Terrible. I kept losing internet connection to my router at least 5-6 times per day. So I called and they sent a technician out. He said my modem was fine and that it's just an interruption in my area. The next day, it kept happening (it had been happening since I had it installed). I called again and they sent me to a level 2 technician. I had to wait a week until they could come to my apartment. Level 2 technician arrives and says he will replace my modem. Problem solved, right? NOPE. The next day I continued to lose internet while trying to watch Netflix. So I called again... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Pamelad28's Picture   Pamelad28    0 Comments   Comments
  • TWC gave a free hd box now want me to pay

    TWC advertised that subscribers could come to their office to get a FREE box that would allow old tv s to see the new HD broadcasting. We got one but could not figure out how to hook it up so just got rid of it. They never said we had to give it back. but now i dont want their service anymore and they siad i have to bring that box back to them. If i dont they want me to pay them 40.00 this is false advertising to say they are giving it to you FREE and now want you to pay for it. More...
    (Cable TV)
    JANCHAR's Picture   JANCHAR    0 Comments   Comments
  • time warner services

    My daughter used to live here.I worked on her internet for her it was real slow half speed. I called Time warner got it straightened out.A few weeks after my daughter left the trailor and I took it over.I turned the power on and just internet.I had a different account.I was payed in advance.A month. They shut me off.I asked Why they said my daughter didnt pay her bill and they wanted me to pay it.They put her name on my credit report.They said they left my name on cause i used her internet to fix her signal and i paid her bill before.I said yes I did .I talked a little more on the phone... More...
    ldeeley's Picture   ldeeley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Horrible Customer Service

    I have been having problems with the cable ex: show freezing up or just shutting down. Internet Service not being connected. No phone service. Feburary 5th I had a seizer/small stroke at 5 a.m. Our phone was out of service so my husband had to go to the neighbors to use their phone. I could of died that day without phone service. Weeks before that we made complaints to customer service and management. When put on hold they all hung up on us. I have a bill for over 6 thousand dollars from the hospital and your staff had nerve to tell me they were going to charge me if they hade to pick up... More...
    (Cable TV)
    fishyfish2012's Picture   fishyfish2012    0 Comments   Comments

    So just out of curiosity have you fired the moron who created your affordable internet ad? obviously they have the ethics of the person who created the go daddy super bowl ad, you do realize that 4.5 million dogs are killed in shelters each year and buying puppies from the pet store (puppy mills) supports that behaviour ? Or are you so out of touch with people and issues that you didn't realize this ? not a good choice, at least go daddy had the common sense to pull their ad - how about you step up to the plate and not only do the same but re do the ad with a shelter animal ?... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    bachaus's Picture   bachaus    3 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable, Tripple paly

    I tried to sign up for the "Triple play service: TV, Internet and phone". Their advertised info on line says: $89.99 per month. According to online info it includes the "HD BOX" (the first HD box (SEE COPY OF TEXT FROM THEIR WEB SITE BELOW SHOWING What is included". I understand that according to the ad, any additional HD boxes or digital boxes will be an additional fee however when discussing the issuw and fees with the "Customer solutions" dept, they insist that the first HD box is not included in the $89.99 fee and there is additional fee of $11 for the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    unn1234's Picture   unn1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • twc digital conversion

    The digital conversion box you provided (about week & a half ago) has been an ongoing problem in trying to watch basic cable. From initial hookup, only a few channels were successfully digitized. Numerous channels showed only heavy pixelation of video and garbled audio until a boxed message on black screen indicates something to the effect that an interruption in service had been detected and to check my connections. If this does not correct problem contact service provider. Rechecking connections did not correct problem. Response from twc was to reset box, which did not resolve... More...
    (Cable TV)
    twoshalfmen's Picture   twoshalfmen    0 Comments   Comments
  • TV ad

    TV ad I just wanted you to know I find exception to your internet ad with the Mom and small girl at the wishing fountain. Please could the script be changed to replace the request for the nearest pet shop to the nearest SHELTER.. There are so many pets being destroyed while puppy mills continue to torture animals. Thanks for your time. More...
    Sandi92054's Picture   Sandi92054    0 Comments   Comments
  • New service

    Extreme irritation caused me to finally tell saleperson during the tenth call to my home that I was cancelling all intended services, which was due to be set up the next day. My original call two weeks earlier was a typical sales call until I was asked for my ss number. Instead I chose to give my licensenumber and name, not to mention I had recently paid an old bill , so clearly they had my informationon file. I proceeded to repeat this I'd number five times and in each instance the woman increduously said are you sure? Of course. Finally I was transferred to another party to authorize... More...
    (Cable TV)
    msgulianna's Picture   msgulianna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Internet Service

    My wife and I have had no end of problems just trying to move our service with Time Warner Cable. This all started in September of 2014 when we purchased a new construction home and wanted to move our internet service. All we needed was to have a box (they call a pedestal) installed in our front yard for their service technician to connect the cable to and run from our front yard to our house, but this is apparently easier said than done. There is cable already under ground passing through our yard and our neighbor has service, but this doesn%u2019t seem to matter. We have made over 12... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    brifre1's Picture   brifre1    0 Comments   Comments
  • 6 months trying to resolve issues

    i have had the same service for 8 years, since TWC took over i have had nothing but issues. My dvr hasnt worked in 6 months and i continue to pay for it i have called multiple times and had people come out and still nothing. I am currently waiting on a technician to come out who will probably be late because they are never on time as i waste my morning AGAIN. I am ready to switch service, i just want what i pay 125.00 a month for. In the 6 months ive had problems ive only had 1 person try to compensate for the issues which was 20.00 off my bill once. Like i said my dvr hasnt worked at all... More...
    (Cable TV)
    melissagracie's Picture   melissagracie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable hanging low in backyard

    I called the first time on 22 dec 2014 and a technician came out but it was too windy to repair the cable, he said he would be back the next day....well it has still not been fixed and its 27 Dec 14. They keep informing me that the appointments can be up to 11pm at night....but it is dark outside and the problem is on the pole outside so you would think that someone would understand that the appointment should be during daylight hours. I have a dog which I have informed every rep that I have spoken to or online chatted with (Diana) and if my dog gets injured because of the low hanging... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dimplesluva's Picture   dimplesluva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rewards Scam and Poor Service

    Time Warner is the worse provider I have ever used. I was promised that I would receive a $200 gift card and a Dell tablet if I switched from Directv. Well, I did. I also registered for the items as told. However, because I lowered the internet speed, I was told I was no longer eligible for anything. No one bothered to tell me when I was lowering the speed. That was bad enough but twice I called TWC about this and the 2nd time I was told I had to call the Rewards group. I called once and was on hold over 30 minutes with no luck. I called the Rewards group the next day and they told me... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Liz123's Picture   Liz123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Dell Tablet and $300 Gift Card SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verizon offered me a free tablet to switch my internet services to them for higher speed and only a few dollars more than what Time Warner was currently charging me. I asked TWC if they had a similar promotion (via chat) and I was told that if I upgrade my internet service ($20 more a month), keep the service for 90 days (Sept. 2014) and have my account in good standing by the end of the 90 days, I will receive the Dell tablet. I was not told that I was suppose to register for a redemption code within 30 days of switching my service. I spoke to TWC and was told that I didn't have... More...
    (Cable TV)
    arealfriend's Picture   arealfriend    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not happy at all with time warner cable!!!

    On Wednesday 12/10/14 my husband called timewarner to try and figure out a package plan that will be within our price range. The person he was talking didn't seem to know what he was doing. He said the only way to lower was to disconnect our phone. Which by the way was almost $30 a month when we originally wanted the $10 phone. So timewarner was basically scamming us. I was not happy with not having my phone so I called again yesterday 12/11/14. I asked them about a package plan that was for 89.99 for all 3 services. They said they could not give me that package so I decided to... More...
    Pgonzalez88's Picture   Pgonzalez88    1 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable Customer Service NOT helpful

    In July 2014 I was offered a $300 gift card for staying with TWC and signing up for HBO for a year. I was told I would receive the card in about 90days. I was NOT told I had to do anything else to receive the gift card. After 120 days I called "customer solutions" to ask about my gift card and was told I should have received an email with a redemption code. I informed the caseworker Lawrence (ID 12U) that I never got an email and had never been told I would have to respond with a redemption code. Lawrence told me he would have a code sent within 24 hours, and I would not have to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    arkrazor's Picture   arkrazor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable is very disappointing.

    I have been with TMC a few years back and I was with them for nearly four years, but I switched because I found a better deal. I have recently switched back because I have never had any issues until now. When I signed up, I was suppose to get a lab top after three months, but you couldn't be late which I knew. I recently have called cause my 3 months was up. I called about the lab top and the lady sounded unsure of what to tell me and made up a lie saying that I will receive a redemption code in the mail. I was a little concerned because she seemed a little unaware what to say, but... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Rainbow2213's Picture   Rainbow2213    2 Comments   Comments
  • Time Warner Cable AWFUL Customer Service

    I began to have trouble with my Time Warner Cable internet service last week. The service became intermittent, sometimes going out for minutes or hours at a time. I have been a customer, in my name or my parents', for over a decade now, and this happens from time to time. Usually a quick visit from a technician to tighten the lines and swap out the modem resolves the issue. I was stuck on the phone with their rep for the better part of an hour power cycling my modem, refreshing pages in my web browser, disconnecting and re-connecting the same lines over and over again even after... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dongudo's Picture   dongudo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Internet

    Time warner socks, I moved just down the street and also had my service moved. Months later I find out that i was being charged for a box which they had exchanged. after a number of calles I was assured everything was OK. a year later I discovered that time warner had turned it in to collections. What a bunch ASS HOLES. Not only does their service suck they re a Fucked up company , They ruined my credit and they can care less. Canceled my service with them. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    moonlite909's Picture   moonlite909    0 Comments   Comments
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