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Time Warner Cable Reviews

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  • bad techs, different stories

    I am so mad, first of all one agent said she was giving me standard internet,phone and standard cable. This was supposed to include all fees. She told me that my cable was on and all I had to di is hook up to back of Tv. I did that but got weird channels so I called tech support and he scheduled a tech to come out. I waited all day and then I get a call from time warner that was cancelled as I needed a converter to get channels and cable was not on! I am tired of all the different prices,techs who are not trained.I should have standard cable per you agent and the last person said I get... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Billing

    Called twc in April 2015 because I continued to recieve higher and higher bills with no change in service,,,,November 2013- $158.00 to December 2014 -$193.00. After speaking to customer service they agreed to lower my bill to $133.00 for a year. I received bills for April, May, June for $133.11 and a bill for July for $132.51. My new August bill is for $154.21. I spoke to customer service today and they offered no help just that they had done an internal audit and I had been billed incorrectly even though I had not changed any service. TWC... I would like them to stand by THEIR... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Weak Signal Strength

    I have had an ongoing problem with all my services since June. It is all in your computer notes. Basically I have had two requests and escalation tickets sent in but have not been contacted. You are supposed to run a new line (Drop bury) to correct a weak signal connection. My lines are marked but no one has come to do the construction work, I have talked with over 10 reps and 2 supervisors. I am just about out of options and will have to cancel my service soon unless this situation is resolved. I have been a customer over 25 years with TWC and this is the worst and most frustraing... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • TKT # 21636682

    Sound and picture cutting in and out on cable TV.I reported this issue to your tech-support on July 22nd,but have not heard any word since.They want to bury a new ground wire when they did so several years ago but never connected it to anything.Now I have a signal issue they refuse to address until a new wire is buried.When they buried the last ground wire they cut my irrigation cables several times resulting in a huge water bill,but left the new cable coiled up beside my house next to the LG&E meter.I have called 6 times to 1-800-715-1774 but cannot get anyone to answer or to call back More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charged even though I was not in the residence

    Okay so apparently I've been getting billed for a time I was no longer in the state. In fact, I had cancelled the payment for what I believed were future charges but that doesn't seem to be the case. I only recently came to find out that I was being charged (through a spam filtered e-mail of all things) because on a previous occasion the company failed to retrieve my account information for me to see. My account log in was reset three times to no avail so i told them to just stop the payment. A few months later, I'm still getting charged. Now I'm deployed overseas and... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Cable tv

    Cable TV, for 3 or 4 years ,that's rite Years I have called TWC complaining that my picture will start Pixialating at night mostly ,so bad that I can't watch tv, and yes it happens on all channels, TWC continues to send an inside tech ,to check all connections ,like were all dummies, instead of checking the Main Pole Cable for cracks , worn areas, or trees laying on the cable,. and the No-customer Service is down right Pathetic, I have even written a letter to their office in the DFW Metroplex Area, and it still does no good, . TWC must be making a fortune ,because they can... More...
  • Extremely rude customer service supervisor

    Called to check status of bill adjustment made with out my knowing. 4/10/15 bill 86.50. 5/10/15 bill 187.5O. Asked to speak to a supervisor who in return was extremely rude; stating he has been in customer service for 14 years and basically calling me a liar. Stated he would recall or pull my previous call with the time warner agent, but it would not make a difference and I needed a court subpoena to hear as well. Extremely disappointed and upset with the service and outcome. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • they going back on there word

    I called back in march ask them if they serviced a house we wanted to buy.they said they needed to send out a survey crew. So they called me back. They said yes they can put cable in. I set up the appointment for april 15, they we werent closing on our house until the 17. So had to change the appointment to april 19. They came to install and said there was no port.I was told by 3 different representatives They could put the cable in. The closes port is .2 miles away. Im trying to get them to run the cable like they said they would. Very frustrated.my daughter has alot of homework she has to... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Jitter problem

    Seem to be having slowness and problems with IP connectivity --------------------- Download speed: 921 kbps Upload speed: 110 kbps Download consistency of service: 0 % Upload consistency of service: 3 % Download test type: socket Upload test type: socket Maximum TCP delay: 2878 ms Average download pause: 24 ms Minimum round trip time to server: 52 ms Average round trip time to server: 61 ms Estimated download bandwidth: 33964 kbps Route concurrency: 36.86088 Download TCP forced idle: 75 % Maximum route speed: 10082 kbps VoIP test statistics -------------------- Jitter:... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Service Requested

    Hello, My name is Md Jahangir Alam, I move 2012 in 172 Brookside Farms road. Newburgh, NY. And I move out end of the year from that house, I did what a loyal customer would do with time warner, I paid bill on time and I return instrument when I move out. However beginning of the February 2015 I move back to the same house 172 Brookside farms road, Newburgh, NY and I ask time warner for internet service on that house. Application was decline, I went to 1279 RTE 300, Newburgh, NY and ask why my service was decline, one of Time warner associate said, if you fax the lease paper restriction... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Orange Flags

    Back around Dec.05,2014 About 50 Or so Orange flags were stuck in my yard. We were told that TWC was laying lines down. I live in Columbia, SC (actually it is Northeast Columbia-Pontiac).Here it is the middle of February and nothing has been done and those unsightly orange flags are STILL IN MY YARD..how bout EITHER COME DO WHAT THE HELL YA GOTTA DO OR I AM PULLING THOSE FLAGS UP MYSELF.What am I supposed to do when I got to mow the grass?? More...
    (Cable TV)
  • HD box

    Hello, I have called in numerous times about mt HD box not working, not able to watch certain channels and all HD channels that do NOT work...also the internet is wired wrong per TWC serviceman that has came out 4 times and NOONE have fixed it.....i have taken the HD box back twice....i do NOT have time to keep returning it to store only to get another one that does not work after a week...i would like a HUGE credit due to this,, i work from home alot and have not been able to due to outage of internet for hours, i always have to unplug reset and then it works for a day or so..... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Free Dell Tablet, TW will not send

    I changed my TW service in September, 2014. At the time, TW was offering a free Dell Tablet for customers that change to a different tv package. I was told to be eligible for the Tablet that I if I kept my account active for 90 days and didn't make any changes to my account. After 90 days, I'd get a redemption code, then it’s another 4-6 weeks before I get the reward. In November, I got a notification that my account wasnt paid. I had not changed my credit card after having it stolen and replaced. I changed the AutoPay and paid my bill promptly. Then I January, I... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • new service

    I have called several times to try and add service to my location. I keep getting the transferred to another person who can never give me an answer. Last time I called they said a technician would be getting ahold of me and scheduled an appointment for JAN 22 to conduct a survey and give me a cost estimate to run the lines to my house. I just called back to confirm the appointment and the lady told me she didn't have access to those kinds of record... I'm in Northern Maine and would like a local number of a human being that I can speak to. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Installation

    I have stayed home 4 times waiting for someone to connect my cable! What's wrong with you guys? When instalkers do show up, the miscommunication is despicable! The installers want to charge me something different than what I was told on the phone. My installation fees have been waved but the installation department still wants to charge. Please fix it! More...
    (Cable TV)
  • rewards

    I signed up for services to get the dell 2-1 computer and now they are saying that I can only get a 200 rewards card. Tried to resolve through customer service and after being deceived and patronized I decided to downgrade my services and was informed that I can only save 3.00 I really don't know how that is when the package I ordered was 129.00 and I want to down grade to the 89.00 package. At that point I told the customer service rep that It seems like cancelling all together would be the best option I was told ok no problem. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • My false charges for 9/14 and 10/14

    I'm enclosing the entire chat log from today, which should explain EVERYTHING! I contacted Time Warner RIGHT after paying my bill 8/20 $223.52 Dated 10/11/2014 Last Payment $228.27 Applied on 08/20/2014 I contacted on 8/26 so as to AVOID the next billing cycle, which I DID--and asked to put my account on long term vacation hold... I was SHOCKED to see that Time Warner had charged me full price the last two cycles so I contacted them again today...to get things reversed and corrected. The following log shows how horrible your customer service is and the shift things that are... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Not correct billing

    I started Time warner in Aug. The service was not available due to it kept saying wait all the time, we called several times to get this fixed and no one ever comes. Then lately they came and said we had loose wire. now, since no one showed up we do not owe the bill, plus was charged for things we didn't have or wanted and called about that and they said go to the office so we did and it was changed. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor service

    End of August 2014, I finally threw in the towel and called Time Warner about the poor service. The inference throughout the conversation was that it was not their problem to deal with. So, considering we have not changed any equipment or our configuration, I kept track of the outages. 8/27/14 - 9:20AM - hard booted the system 8/27/14 - 10:21PM - rebooted the router 9/8/14 - 5:22AM - hard booted the system 9/12/14 - 4:57AM - hard booted the system (3 times); 1 hour and 14 minutes before it was working again 9/24/14 - 2:20AM - hard booted 9/28/14 - 6:31PM - hard booted 9/28/14 -... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Automobile claim

    On or some time about 9/27/2014. A Time Warner truck was at our insured home to install a cable under the ground. While there the Time Warner truck struck our insured personal vehicle. Please have someone in your claims department contact State Farm Insurance Company 866-415-9020 Opt 2 Team 10. Reference our claim number 33-532B068 Our insured is George James, 4516 CASTLE HAYNE RD, CASTLE HAYNE, NC, 28429 More...
  • Animal Abuse

    My neighbor took pictures of the TWC guy hitting my dog with a shovel! I am infuriated because I have told them repeatedly that I need to be home when they show up....Not only are my gates locked so that nobody can just walk in but they did not call me to inform me that they were on their way to my home. I waited around for them to show up and they never called. The next day my neighbor shows my dad the pictures and told my dad that the guy hid behind his truck once he noticed he was being filmed!!!! What is wrong with this picture??? More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Partial Reward Card

    When I register for TV + Internet service, was offered for $300 reward card. I have taken screenshot of the offer and also the customer service representative confirmed multiple times that they see the notes on account saying that the 'Customer is eligible for 300$ reward'.on 7/17/2014, I received a redemption code (Q1E1V6WL8) with expiration date 8/3/2014 which leads $100 reward card. I have called the time warner cable customer service dept couple to times but no one could take action while they all agree about the $300 reward More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Email sent at: 3:02:57 PM, 5/30/2014

    I have been most disappointed as per 3 phone calls so far . my phone was installed with a 58.95 installation fee attached which an agent Lou who handled call number 2 said would be removed, and again on transcript from my last call. Most of my dvd recordings do not work with the 2nd dvr and each recording ends 1 minute before the end of the show. All this as I explained when I lost my daughter to A.L.S. and no longer drive. this is the last try. Now my credit card has been compromised. More...
  • Automated Calling/Late Fees

    My family have been customers of TWC since October 2013. We have been late a few times especially during the winter season. Each time that we made any payment arrangement, we always followed through the payment and always paid well over the minimum amount. This past Monday, I on behalf of my husband, to set up a payment arrangement for Friday, May 9, 2014 for $125.00. The customer service rep said that will stop the automated calls since a payment arrangement was made. That payment arrangement didn't stop anything and even though a payment arrangement was made, we were still... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • exposed cable

    My next door neighbors moved into their home a month ago and ordered time warner cable. a cable was strung from their back yard all the way across my front yard to the cable box which sits in my front yard. To date they have not buried the cable. This is a hazard to say the least. AM very upset. Have called the city about this issue and nothing they can. Have resorted to an attorney now to file suit against Time Warner Cable. Have pictures and have made multiple phone calls with no resolution. I am responsible if anyone gets hurt on my property such as children running across my... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Twc

    Pole fell down during ice storm that carried my cable across the street - it took numberous phone calls to make them understand that once power was restored in my neighboorhood that I would not have service - contract service came out and hooked up temporary cable to side of my house, around my neighbor's tree to acrosss the street - they tied into an old cable line and did not check to make sure I had service - it again took numberous phone calls to have this temporary cable corrected - Time Warner in the process of putting cable line underground across the road - the cable line has... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • time warner outside cable box malfunction

    There is a cable connection box on the outside of my apartment building that has a steel door that blows in the wind slamming against the building and its extremely loud making it difficult to have peace and quiet and SLEEP. I have called Time warner several times and so have my neighbors and the apartment management and we've all been told it will be taken care of and today the door stands open waiting on the next gust of wind. A technician was working in the box today and he left it open, thebozx needs a latch or a lock, it seems like a simple fix....,,,SO FIX IT! More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Rude risk management reps holly and jeramy

    I had set up new services for address my father lived at before he went ti jail. My father had services there before and did pay his bill. I live here now and wanted to just net and i call in to the twc hotline and order services for this address no issues with rep on the phone. So when it came time to go pick up my router and pay me first fee at the local office they said i had to pay my dads bill to get service in my name. So i call back to twc hotline and get a rep. They send me to risk management where i talk to holly she was very rude and stand offish towards me. Sobi ask to speak a... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • TWC Service Worthless

    Your service has been pitiful since switching to digital. The cable TV service is miserable as is the telephone service. The only good service you provide is Road Runner internet. You continue to raise your rates, though. As I have stated before, they are extortion fees. Do not waste my time sending technicians. You did that with my last complaint, and the service has only gotten worse. Improve your service, or lower your fees to match the CRAPPY service you stick your customers with. More...
    (Cable TV)
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