Time Warner Cable Complaint

Time Warner Cable Complaint


How to file complaints about TWC - Cable TV

Anyone who's done business with TWC knows that their customer service is non-existant. Complaints do no good. Here's the solution: I contacted the FCC and was told that complaints need to be directed to Time Warner's local franchising authority for your area.
Time Warner keeps this information a closely-guarded secret. I ultimately had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get TWC to divulge the name. In Texas it happens to be the Texas Public Utilities Commission.
Find out who that franchising authority is in your area and file a formal complaint.

Maybe if enough people do that TWC will change their ways. They're long overdue for a reality check.

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taizflemming says: (3 weeks ago)
My family and I just relocated from the East coast to the West coast in Cali. I work on Camp Pendleton Marine Base and my Husband as a District Coordinator. First I called to set up new service and had my original date set for Wednesday April 2, 2014. When I called this passed Monday not only did the representative put us on a package that we Did Not ask for. They also confirmed that our appointment was set for Wednesday April 4th,2014. I recieved a call this morning, 04/2/2014 confirming an appointment for Thursday April 3,2014. I then in return called Time Warner inquiring why was I receiving a notification for Thursday between 8-9am if my appointment was for today the 2nd. I notified them that I am always on base and my husband took off today and has been waiting with our son at home all day. The representative in exchange apologized and gave me two different time for today either between the hours of 11-12 or 2-3. I chose 11-12. I then Again called at 12:30 inquiring as to where is the tech and the rep told me that my appointment was changed for tomorrow April 3 between 8-9 am. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the rep had his supervisor named Jay, that's the only name he gave my husband and I Supervisor Jay, and the only thing this Supervisor could do was give us a credit of $20.00 on our account. I must say that this customer service was the Worst customer service we have Ever experienced in our lives without even receiving our equipment nor services. For that reason I cancelled our So Called Appointment that we were Incorrectly informed of and my husband is currently looking for a different provider.
Taiz and Mark Flemming
telephone 760-821-3238

buzyb23 says: (1 month ago)
I pay my bill on time every month, I either put it in the drop box or pay in person and so far, two times they have charged me a late fee. I am getting tired of this mess. One day when I went to pay, the only person there was outside on a smoke break and I either had to wait for him to finish or hand it to him. They say they check the drop payment box daily....that is a joke!!!!! I called on that and the guy took the late payment off. I am now looking for another company to deal with. Time warner cable will now go in the box with direct tv of people I will NEVER use again!!

Michelle19752010 says: (5 months ago)
I had Time Warner Cable in my last home, I had to leave there fast and forgot to turn it off which means I accumulated a bill that needed to be payed off before they would turn me on. It took me over a year to figure out how to pay them off and get service restored. Once the service was restored they intentionally sent out someone to turn me on who LIED and said he came but never did and then they turned me on and did not bill me. I called them to pay a payment and find out where my bills are to find out my bill had accumulated to 161.10 while I was not being billed with an order that should be about 60.00 a month. Then I told them that I can make a 70.00 dollar payment and work out the rest after Christmas but not pay any large amount at once. I am on a very fixed income. I live in a small town, I am disabled with a 11 year old boy who has ADHD and other issues that I am not going to tell the world. I told them I would work as hard as I could with them to get it paid off but I needed the service to help me keep my son content during school break. Two weeks is a long time for a child like him to be cooped up in the winter with nothing to do. They did not bill me, they made mistakes and yet they wont work with me. I found out here that I needed the franchise office number so I called them back, informed them that I was recording and I wanted that number and they hung up on me. I have attempted to call back a few times and even tried the tech. support and did not get anywhere. Every time I call I get disconnected at the point of being sent to a represented. No one even says anything! They say they will disconnect me and they have refused to take a payment with conditions of an arrangement to pay off the rest.

whcc90069 says: (5 months ago)
i ordered internet service thru time warner cable. the technician came out and, after a while, he said that their "construction department" will contact me to make an appointment to install a brand new line. after the line is installed, then i would have to call the technician to have the internet service turned on. also, the technician some how messed up my TV antenna wiring, so, now i have no TV signal!!! he was apologetic, but, he couldn't get the antenna wiring repaired.

the next day, i called time warner and asked to have my TV antenna wiring repaired ASAP. they truly didn't seem to care about the situation and said that it would take 4 days for their construction department to stop by. does time warner always treat new customers like this?

HOPEFULLY, i'll have the TV signal and internet FIVE days after the technician stopped by.

ClippersRepresent says: (5 months ago)
Yeah um Prime ticket unavailable!please fix that cuz I got a clippers game and I'm getting angrier by the minute!

Diva1loveguaranteed says: (6 months ago)
I ordered a 2nd box for down stairs because of my disability which is climbing stairs. This box has worked since I had it. The channels I watch 19, 330, 458, 700- 726 are always not available please try later. When I call for customer service, it's unplug this unplug that ant it works for 1 day maybe or it goes out while watching a picture. You can never turn the TV on downstairs and get any of these channels.

BONeil56 says: (6 months ago)
Trying to set up with Time Warner is A JOKE!! Customer service is obviously not their highest priority....As a brand new customer I requested my DVR box 2 weeks prior to move in and never got it. Called and asked what was going on and they lost my order said they would over night the package to have it on the actual move in day...Guess what, still no Time Warner box! So after numerous phone calls to technical support and even higher authority, still nothing. I had to track my own shipment down by foot and go to the local Time Warner location and get it myself!
When I finally got the box and hooked it up myself..still no cable. So once again days have gone by, numerous phone calls to technical support and supervisors they can't find the time in their days to come out and "flip the switch" to allow service. So now going on 3 weeks with dealing with this company and a week now in the new place..still no TV.
Sooo with all that said...HERE I COME DIRECT TV! I'll pay the extra $$ for service that actually cares to earn a buck off me.

EdwinMan says: (7 months ago)
This is the worst company you can ever use for your business connectivity needs. There is no customer service and you get lots of lip service and no action, I will never ever use this jokers again.

donmac40 says: (7 months ago)
Called an made a payment arrangement3 days before disconnected they still turned if cable claiming they dontvhave an arrangement on file the customer service lady was more less concerned poor customer service period

bevieann121 says: (9 months ago)
Well watch out for all this cable hook ups, illegal hook ups r being to friends or for the poor, while we pay high prices for people with the compamy or not to hook up into ur system and watch free cable and have free phone and internet services, this has been going on with me over a yr or more and everytime i try to call tw it goes to some other joker other the tw office...noises everytime i get on the ph. to talk, interruptions on my cable as as internet being controlled by someone else that is hooked into my system...had a ph bill itimized with lots of calls i did not make and iam no longer able to get through the right ones to get my ph bill itimized again.. local time warner employees r the ones to blame for the most and for all this trouble and inconvience close to a 200.00 bill every month for all the ones who cannot afford it u affording it now at my expense, just cannot keep going on with this, love helping out folks but the wrong ones r being hooked up at my expense. DO NOT GET TW UNLESS U DONT MIND UR PRIVACY BEING INVADED AND PAYING HIGH COSTLY BILLS SO OTHERS CAN ENJOY AND THEY DO NOT PAY WE DO!!!!!!

jasper146231 says: (11 months ago)
BEAWARE--If you sign a two year price guarntee with time warner cable it automatically renews after two years and if you decide you are going to cancel your service and go with another service, TWC will charge you an early termination fee--In my case they told me that they sent me a letter at the end of my 2 year contract telling me that they are automatically renewing my new contract, which I did not receive. Therefore, without my knowledge, they renewed my contract for another two years. I can pay the $200 per month for the next two years or I can pay a one time termination fee for $200 go to another company for $109.00 per month for three times what TWC is giving me. Bend me over TWC.

Bigfan05 says: (12 months ago)
Someone help cgdowney@aol.com

My cable was disconnected 4 days after paying my 50 day past due balance that was the amount given to my by TW to avoid interruption. I called and they said they need another 210 to turn it back on n I said I could n explained that that's why I called and wAs told to pay 146 which was the most past due. I could not afford it and they said, well, get the money in 10 days or we'll permanently disconnect you, period.....2 days later a tech was at my door asking for that 210 or "he had to do what he had to do", so I told him, go ahead. So he did, including the basic local cable that my apt complex provides for free (about 20 channels). All I have to do is turn in the equipment because I just got a bill 400 n something not including the equipment. They rather lose a 10 year customer than to try and work something out.

jebthevoice says: (12 months ago)
Paid for internet,phone and tv service. Was told by 5 different representatives that my service would be restored ' automatically'. Was also told 'Instantly reactivated'. Then the excuses of no service were responded to by TWC with 'Oh, give it a few more minutes'.... Then the next day it was 'Oh, give it a few more hours'..... Then the next day it was 'Oh, we'll send a tech out tomorrow between 11 and 12, so take a day off of work'.... Then it's 'Oh he didn't show up? Well let's schedule another appointment... Then they ask YOU - the customer - to call these different phone numbers yourself ( I assume because it would be too logical to have a TWC rep transfer me to another TWC rep - NOPE - Pick up your 1960s land-line phone and call us from there because we can't do this over the internet ).

I've spent my entire weekend off - in the rain and cold and three kidws - waiting for the Internet, TV and PHones to work. Didn't happen Friday, Didn't happen Saturday, Didn't happen Sunday, and on Monday - call us back about 10 times just for us to STILL NOT GIVE YOU SERVICE.

If you need a heart condition or would like to work with a service provider that will take your money and make you do ALL the legwork yourself for 4 days and get your services activated....

So far - it's been 4 days since they stole my money from my bank account - all the while offering promises of 'Instant Service' Automatic reactivation,etc. -- All of these are falsehoods and lies.

I plan to move on to DirectTV or AT&T, but now I'm spending yet another week just trying to get my money back.


Good luck - DONT USE Time Warner Cable....

One Unhappy , yet paying and loyal customer -


Cranky Now

wendyhoho42 says: (1 year ago)
Time Warner's customer service is a joke. They even said that I was charged double for January yet are dense when it comes to doing anything about it!

Hebrew says: (1 year ago)
If anyone want to know how to correct this whole mess contact me at ISREALLIVE@HOTMAIL.COM I PROMISE I WILL EDUCATE YOU ON EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON

jonetto says: (1 year ago)
I am absolutely DISGUSTED with the horrible "customer service" that I've received being on the phone for the past 4 hours, being bounced around from department to department...sales..retention..tech support. I upgraded my internet and downgraded my cable weeks ago, only to find that my internet up and down speed has NOT changed from Standard, HOWEVER, I'm paying for EXTREME cable. The chat tech support rep tells me to call sales. Sales tells me they cannot help me and transfers me. The next representative, Reggie, tells me he can't understand my issue and then asks me " WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT??" Really?? That's the "assistance" I receive, a customer of SEVERAL YEARS???? After that representative disconnect me, I am now in my 2nd hour of trying to remedy this issue with your company. I called back to be transferred again from retention, to tech support to customer service, where I am then told because my neighbor isn't home to let the technician in THEIR YARD for the cable, my internet will not upgrade. After I explain that it is not my fault that the cable box is not in my yard, and my neighbor NOT being home, it should not interfere with MY INTERNET UPGRADE. The wonderful representative, MONIQUE then hung up on me when I told her there needs to be a resolution.

OooSillyMe says: (1 year ago)
If you don't pay your bill with TW the millisecond that it is "cut" you are past due and with their new billing practices they have no problem shutting off people's service without so much as a phone call. I live in rural NH and all your get for a choice is TW or nothing so we are a captive audience. I have been a customer for 16 years without a problem and now I wish I could find another provider. Crappy equipment, non existent customer service and their Tech people are totally clueless.

skemper says: (1 year ago)
I will be filing a complaint with the MO Public Utilities Commission, the MO Attorney General's Office, the BBB and any public official who will listen regarding the extreme monopoly-supported, unsatisfactory business practices of Time Warner Cable. Have had to take off a total of 9 days from work over the past three years to allow for technicians to fix their constant service issues and outages. Have been without service a total of 2.5 months during that time. How much have my monthly premiums increased? By close to 42%. My "high-speed" internet is currently connected at the same speed my AOL dial-up did in 1997. My apartment complex does not allow for dish. I have 0 choice if I want to have television. Same goes for the thousands of individuals who live in the Plaza and Westport area. I will also be compiling a petition that will go in the complaint to the aforementioned groups. Looking forward to seeing how many signatures I can gather.

IMDISGUSTED says: (1 year ago)
TWC WHAT A JOKE!!!! SUPER DISGUSTED by thier cutomer service or LACK there-of!I paid a bill in the amount of 100.00 on December 28th. this is Jan. 30th and to date they are charging me late fees and collections is calling me off the HOOK about this "past due" bill that is NOT PAST DUE!!!! I have spent countless hours on the phone with various customer service personons, collections people, and payment research and still NOTHING my bank and even FAXED OVER PROOF OF MY PAYMENT... MY BANK!!! NOT once but TWICE!!! Still NOTHING I get a bill with 2 late fees and a notice saying they will turn off my service if the bill is not paid WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! this is the WORST experience of incompetence I have EVER dealt with! TWC SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! would LOVE to talk to Corporate managment!but customer service says.... we will submit a "ticket" and that is our process no "Other" grievance procedures....??? Really? we will see!

4bigpennies says: (1 year ago)
I can't believe, that I was drawn in by your promise of a fantastic promotional deal if we switched from Verizon and DTV. I really feel that this company is some kind of scam. I was given a quote of $108.00 when I made arrangements on the phone. When the guy shows up he said it much more so at that time I called I was told a much less with promotions. When I recieve the 1st bill and saw the amount I owed was again more than I was told earlier. I called and I waited at least 35 minutes for my turn on the phone. I was then told I had not sent reuested forms to receive the promotions, I explained I had faxed them. CSR tells me to contact a different number and explain the issue with them. So I called that number and left a message and immediately refaxed everthing a second time. The next evening a call from a woman telling me I will recieve all promotions and it will be reflected on the next bill
Needless to say my next bill was incorrect. Now I start contacting them on line chat and getting all the same answers. This has been going on since October when he started with them. Today my bill is incorrect. I'm being charged for things I am not using. Who do I contact now? THE BBB

Heather13867 says: (1 year ago)
TWC is awful. So my Internet was very slow, I had them for only a month, so I call and the CSR tells me I need to speak with HOLLY in the risk management department, but I'd have to wait until the following day because she wasn't in, so I hear risk management and freak out. So I call her and HOLLY informs me that I owe an old bill from TWO YEARS AGO, of 135 dollars, she informed me she DID throttle my net connection, so we had a agreement that I pay 35 before six that evening, it was MINUTES after getting off the phone she TURNED MY SERVICE OFF, so I call back to inform her the day wasn't over yet, low and behold I CANT REACH HER. This Holly lady from risk management is A LIAR, shame on twc for hiring ghetto unprofessional rude lying Jerks. n

mririshone1 says: (1 year ago)
Time Warner Cable (LEGAL EXTORTION)

Have been on a ride since before Thanksgiving......... We have contacted Time Warner Cable more times than needed and have gotten different stories every time (confused) We have been a customer with them for about 2 years and have been getting charged for HBO, STARZ & Cinemax the entire time and had no clue. We contacted them regarding the charges. We were told that they would most likely owe us money but they would look into it and get back to us... Well if only it were that easy.... Since the first call our service was shut off.... Then we talked to then again they turned out service back on...( this happened 3 more times each time talking to someone different...( crazy you can't talk to the same person every time..)
Long story short they have sent out a tech and disconnected our service ( flabbergasted) mean while no communication on there end as to who, what,where,when,how and why they did what they did..... I have no problem paying my bill once they can explain to me what they have done to resolve OVER CHARGING US FOR 2 YEARS....

wlee2000 says: (1 year ago)
I am highly disappointed in this company. As a devoted customer to Time Warner Cable for over 15 years, I can't believe that you would treat your customers so carelessly. I have rarely had problems with my service over the last decade, but the moment I do, I see that you severely lack the ability to provide customer satisfaction.

Since Hurricane Sandy, we have lost our cable and internet connection. At first I expected that it would take a few days for service and life to get back to normal. But a week after the hurricane, I called your customer service where I spoke to a representative that told me they were working on the issue, but unclear of when it will be resolved. I accepted this; another week went by, still nothing.

11/15/12 It has been THREE WEEKS since service outage. I spoke to another representative through your online chat service who assured me that the problem is being resolved. Within 24-48 hours, he said, my service will “definitely be restored.” The weekend went by and I still had no service.

11/19/12 I spoke to Online CSR Alan, who assured me that service HAD already in fact, been restored. He told me to go home and try to unplug the devices and let it reboot. I went home, unplugged and re-plugged the modem and cable box, still nothing.

11/20/12 Online CSR Paul tells me the same thing. Service is restored, try it again. I told him that it’s not working, some one should be sent to my house to check on the problem. I tell him the message I see on the screen is "Please check CABLE IN connection on rear of STB. 00B tune failure." Paul tells me there aren't any appointments open until 12/5, another TWO WEEKS away. I explain that it is not possible, I need something sooner. He replies that he's put the appointment into the system as an emergency, and someone will call me the next day to confirm a technician will arrive at my house WITHIN the next three days.

11/21/12 I waited all day and never received a call. I call your customer service again and speak to Sergio this time. Who tells me that the previous CSR only told me some one will call today to appease me, the appointment is still set up for 12/5. There is nothing else available. He then tells me that if something opens up, I will be notified, in the meantime he's moved my appointment to 12/3. He also suggests there might be a problem with the cable box, since the trouble shooting hasn't resolved the issue. I heed the advice and bring my cable box and modem to an office to be exchanged. After setting the new box up, I still have no service. The display message now reads "ERROR CODE IA09."

11/29/12 I receive an automated call confirming the appointment on 12/3. I accidentally press the 1 key, where I am told the appointment is now being canceled. Immediately, I call customer service back and speak to CSR Cathy, who reassures me the appointment is still valid, she will make a note on it to make sure the appointment does not get canceled. I let her know that during the storm, my neighbor's tree had fallen, could a line have possibly been dragged down? She replies that someone will be sent out prior to my appointment to survey the area.

12/3/12 My appointment is set up from 12 PM-2 PM. At 3:30 PM, a technician has still not arrived nor have I received any call rescheduling this appointment. I call again, only to be told that there IS NO APPOINTMENT SET UP, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY I WOULD RECEIVE AN EMAIL STATING THAT THERE IS A SCHEDULE SET UP!

Imagine my disbelief at hearing this. Time and again, your representatives have given me false hope and lies, what kind of company thinks treating a customer this way is acceptable? I am now being told by CSR Supervisor Mr. Brevner that someone will "TRY" to come tomorrow, but I will not receive a confirmation call until later today. I ask him how I can just trust his word on this, I need to know right now if something is set up or not, he gives me another empty reassurance that I am now a priority in the system, that I will "definitely" be notified later today.

It has been over FIVE WEEKS since Hurricane Sandy, and yet this problem is still unresolved. But the biggest issue I have is the deceit and empty promises your company shells out. A CSR from today's conversation questioned ME if there were any fallen cable lines! I understand that the storm has caused a lot of damage, but to take OVER SIX WEEKS to restore service when ALL OTHER COMPANIES HAVE RECOVERED is absolutely ridiculous. If there is a problem with the cable line in my area, how is it that you have received no information on this? Isn't your system supposed to be able to tell if there is a line loose in an area? And if there is a line loose, why hasn’t there been someone sent to fix your damaged service lines?

I have called in numerous times, yet not one of these times has been logged. And your chat online box where you can check it to have the transcript of the conversation emailed to you? Why bother putting that option there if each time I check it I don't receive the promised email? Why do you keep records of phone calls or even have customers speak to your representatives if no notations are actually kept on record? What is your customer service reps even authorized to do because it seems out of their capacity to provide even the most basic of services?

This incident has really shed a different light on Time Warner Cable. Your representatives are hollow in their knowledge and your ethics are questionable. I have lost faith in this company, and if I don't receive the call back confirming an appointment for tomorrow by tonight, I will take it as my business is not important enough and TWC values its customers so lightly that I will take my money else where.

Sookie1 says: (1 year ago)
OK! Since ''THEY'' changed our account #'s,.. I'm being billed twice for Sept, I believe,.... DISCONNECTION NOTICE, ''NO''apologies,..... still a double bill, ( that's what I'm thinking this fuck up is all about!!!) But I'm gonna' call some poor sucker who has to listen to my pissing and moaning on monday, and that's not fair!!! The people who caused this problem should be on the other end of the (phone) line!!!! I've been with them for 17 yr's!! So stressed about this, thinking of NOT paying and just handing it over to my Lawyer!! Oh yeah,.... and cancelling it ALL!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

randrew says: (1 year ago)
have called TWC several times 3-4 within the last two months about our intermittent interruptions of our audio. It has been 2 months since I first reported this, I changed out the box and here again today it is happening. I just get into a conversation watching a news broadcast or show, and then silence and I miss whatever is being said.

I demand a refund of my last 2 months payments as the service is sooo disconcerting that I lose interest. What is your company doing about this problem, and now you have an answering machine on since last week about this and we cannot get through to even a technician.

Aren't you wondering HOW YOUR IMAGE IS?


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