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Time Warner Cable Support Ticket - Fee Rip off

Time Warner Cable Support Ticket

Fee Rip off

Created By: Stephen706's Picture Stephen706 Last Reply: Stephen706's Picture Stephen706
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 6 years ago Last Updated: 6 years ago
Department: Customer Service Replies: 3

So I go and purchase the new modem for my home.

Call TWC for the obvious issue of I have bundled cable, internet and PHONE...

Guess what--from the words of Tech Support, sir you are to keep Arris Phone Model FREE of charge. You will need to get a cable splitter and 2 coax wires to split the cable to the ARRIS for your phone and the other to your new modem.

Someone please explain how the hell that makes sense? The ONE ARRIS Modem is working fine already, no issues, no problems.

So someone tell me again--WHY DO I NEED THIS OTHER MODEM?


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Ticket Replies

TWCableHelp says: (6 years ago)
I would be happy to help could you please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com?

JiminRaleigh says: (6 years ago)
I strongly suspect that TWC is imposing a price increase on your internet service just as they are doing in most other markets. No governing entity controls what prices are charged by TWC. Your choice is ONLY to pay for the offered services or go without. This is what I was told when I started losing channels on my basic + tier 2 cable TV service. I must now rent cable boxes for each TV in my home to restore my service (due to encrypting of basic channels). My choice is to get Dish or to go without cable TV. Yours is to over pay for telephone service or go for another VOIP service.

Stephen706 says: (6 years ago)
Their decision-tree matrix is ludicrous. Someone should be fired at Corporate.

They tell you buy a cable modem or pay $3.95 to use their equipment. With buying a cable modem also involves a cable splitter and two small double male coax cables. So about a 2-year investment. What they don't tell you is the phone modem they will supply you FREE OF CHARGE is the same modem you are currently using to run both internet and phone.

This is called STUPID!!!!

Could understand buying versus leasing a modem if one didn't have the phone bundled. But once you have the phone bundled in, they need to supply that modem which does both already.

Anybody else getting this yet?

Kinda like the Cell Phone companies telling you that you can use your phone to receive texts but need to buy a new phone to be able to make calls.

Now is this making sense to folks out there?

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