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Time Warner Cable Support Ticket - sort by favorites

Time Warner Cable Support Ticket

sort by favorites - TIME WARNER CABLE

Created By: GRANDMAof2's Picture GRANDMAof2 Last Reply: 's Picture
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 9 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: General Replies: 4

The sort by favorites feature was removed on 5/11/2010. That was the best feature by far of time warner's digital cable (which I've had nothing but problems with by the way). Now I'm not watching tv -- I don't have an hour to waste every time I want to watch tv to scroll through a thousand plus channels to find what I want to watch. If it's not put back soon I'm going to leave Time Warner. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING TIME WARNER ?? OBVIOUSLY NOT THINKING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS. I HOPE ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING SO THAT YOU'LL PUT BACK THE FAVORITES SORTING. IT'S ESSENTIAL WITH A SERVICE THAT HAS A THOUSAND CHANNELS PEOPLE DON'T WATCH & CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO SCROLL THROUGH THEM ALL !!!


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Ticket Replies

ibutterfly says: (8 years ago)
Oh yes. I went through several conversations and about a dozen emails with customer service.

As an engineer, marketing specialist with an MBA degree plus over 35 years with top client satisfaction, I can say that everyone needs to complain, switch services, post complaints, whatever...

jetspeedz says: (8 years ago)
I could not be more annoyed with the answers i got for the reason they took out Sort by Favorites feature. After talking to several supervisors and technical people the best answer i got was it was a Corporate decision and they don't know why.

I'm so mad I'm in the process of going canceling my service pending cancellation fees. Taking out this feature to "save memory for future upgrade" is total crap. This feature alone does not take up any more memory then a simple 0/1 logic since the favorites are stored anyway in this upgrade they did. In a good business model you don't take something out in anticipation of future updates when those updates could be as long as a year away.

No way to get it back unless enough people complain in my opinion to get that simple feature back. I suggest you call 800-TWCABLE and express your concern like i did.

GRANDMAof2 says: (8 years ago)
Thank you for your replies. I don't know if you know that there IS now a different way to sort-by-favorites. It's not quite as good as it was before, but it's pretty good. I wanted to post that new info before now, but for some reason when I tried to get back to this site I couldn't.
When I first realized that the sort-by-favorites was gone I called Time Warner & was told that it's a temporary glitch that happened while TW was upgrading something else -- I was told it would be back, though they didn't know when. Then, after a week or so, when it still wasn't back, I called Time Warner several times & was told that it was permanent (not a temporary glitch) & got the very same "reasons" that you, jetspeedz, got -- exactly the same. I couldn't believe that people were willing to spend the time to scroll through over 1000 channels, so sometime after I called again several times -- spoke to supervisors as well as representatives, & again, the same answers. Then, amazingly enough, I got a TW representative who actually knew something. He told me that the way to sort-by-favorites had been changed & he told me how to do it!! Before I tell you, in case you don't already know the new way to do it, I want to say -- How is it possible that TW can make a change like this & not let people know the new way to do it?? Of course they wouldn't spend the money to send out a separate notice, but wouldn't it have been simple for them to put the info on the next bill? It would have saved countless hours of representatives' time in answering calls regarding this, not to mention not having customers be so upset. And how is it possible that the representatives & supervisors I spoke to (with the exception of that last one), didn't know this information?? Or did they just sleep through that meeting. You would think that at least someone who works for TW would have seen my original post & would have replied, giving the new way to get sort-by-favorites. But nothing surprises me about TW's incompetency. I just don't know how TW thinks, but my best guess is that they don't. Unfortunately, I have no choice. I live in an apt. & don't have the correct exposure to get DISH, & there's no other cable co. in my area. Whenever I call TW & they say "thank you for being a valued TW customer" I say, "believe me, if I had a choice I wouldn't be."
Maybe by now the representatives know this information, but for those of you who haven't been lucky enough to get an employee who knows, or who rightly assumed that there was no longer any way to sort-by-favorites because you weren't informed otherwise -- Here's the way to do it. You first put in (select) your favorite channels the same way it was done before. Then you press the Guide button (on the TW remote). Then you press the Favorites button (on the TW remote). Each time you press Favorites it will jump to the next Favorite channel. So, for example, if you selected the channels 72, 102, & 226 as your favorites -- You press the guide button. Then when you press the favorites button it will jump to channel 72. When you press the favorites button again it will jump to 102. When you press the favorites button again it will jump to 226. It doesn't have all the favorites in one spot like it used to, but it does jump from one to the next quickly. I think the way it was before, if my memory is correct, was that you pressed the Favorites button 1st & then the Guide button. So now it's the opposite, plus the favorites are not all together in one place. I know I'm not tech savvy, but how would anyone know that unless they were told (which of course we weren't) or they discovered it by accident. I hope this helps some people out there. And I hope people will complain to TW about their not having informed us. Call & get the name of the head TW manager in your area & their email address, & send them an email. Someone on this site posted a comment saying that the reason TW changed sort-by-favorites to this way is so you'll see what's on the premium channels & be tempted to sign up for them. This is clearly why they did it.
By the way, does anyone have any of the problems I have w/ TW cable --- I got the cable box Dec. 1 (a Samsung box). For a long time I usually had to turn the cable box on & off 15-20 times before I got any sound at all. Then, a couple of months ago, TW realized that there was a problem with the Samsung cable boxes (even though I'd called about this umpteen times). They claim they've fixed the boxes now. It is much better now. I often get sound the 1st time I turn it on, but I still often have to turn it on 2 or 3 times before I get any sound. And some days I get no sound at all on a couple of channels, no matter how many times I turn it on & off or reboot it. I also get a lot of micropixelation (or is it macropixelation?), although nowhere near as much as I used to. Various other glitches come up at times (often) & I have to call TW to find out how to fix it. There's no fix apparently for the micropixelation or the sound problems I now have. Would it make a difference now if I got a box other than the Samsung? I'm not at all happy about their phone service either -- once in a while I don't get a dial tone & have to unplug & then plug back in the modem. Sometimes people complain about my voice breaking up (though I hear them well). The other day the TW network was completely out for the phone (I got a big $1.80 credit for the day). I never had any problems when I had Frontier phone (not digital) but it's too expensive to get that now vs the TW triple play. Anyway, it's good to have a place to complain about TW.

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